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Monday, July 11, 2011

#1 Abacus

     Earlier today (well, shoot I think it just turned midnight)... earlier this evening I finished work on the first abacus earring and just completed the second. I am "totally" looking forward to getting the correct copper when I return next week so I can make more. These are a bit tricky, but the second earring went much faster than the first... I also like how they look on me!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bead Storage

     Just a couple photos for those who have asked how I store beads... it is certainly a personal preference and choice because of how one works and how much space one has. I have very little space in many ways since I share my area with bookarts, photography, and mixed media supplies. However, I have purchased about twelve (12) each of the following portable boxes that stack - each approximately 14.5"w x 10.5"h x 3.5"d to store some of my beads and/or tools. Others may be on hanks, in packages/boxes or in dishes on trays sitting around the art room. I have a couple small suitcases for leather goods, gift boxes, etc. These are from JoAnn Fabric and the top portion may be differently configured with a cover so "items" do not fall out or get mixed up in the divided spaces. My tools are in the container which has larger divided spaces. Thanks for asking; hope this helps someone...
"Click on photo for larger view; then, hit back button to return."

top of portable container; has an additional lid

bottom of the portable container

Abacus Earrings

     These (well, the beginning of a pair of earrings) are almost too crude to post, but wanted the "class" to know that I am working on them. In fact, I am procrastinating on packing for my trip (leaving Tuesday afternoon) to do a short workshop with DJ Pettitt (ah, bliss, for sure) and continuing with PSE9/CS5 with Marie. However, I will have time for that upon return since I am only gone five days excluding travel. 
     I used a "JoAnn Fabric" purchased copper wire for these, which is coated and therefore does not patina; my copper wire has not arrived yet. These, also, are 16ga instead of 14ga. My sterling silver has not arrived either; and, I truly don't wish to use fine silver for practicing right now.  Thus, "it is what it is, right?"  I feel these will be fun to make and I have beautiful beads to play with!

part of my workspace... "We Can Do It!" I reiterate... always!

Friday, July 8, 2011

PM Portrait

     Experimenting with making a less noisy background, whitening teeth slightly, and adding a creative border with a text bubble. More of the Photo Magic class with Marie -- had to switch gears since I am doing coinciding workshops! [If I choose to redo this one, would need to zoom and work more around Dareena's forehead and through strands of her hair.] These cousins sure have "some" of the Dorcas genes. They look like they are related!

     I liked the border so much that I did one on a favorite photo from the MRE picnic. [ROTC crop.]

Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Hoops

     Sure am learning what "not to do" or "what to do next." These hoops turned out great, just a bit too large for me. I made the dangles to match the choker that I wear daily. Next will be smaller hoops, shorter dangles and a little more hardening!! Yeah. Very fun to do, tho!

"Click on photo for larger view; then, hit back button to return."

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MRE 4th

     You are welcome to use the "Photography" subpage link above to go to the Mountain Rose Estates photos from July 4th... we had a lovely sunny day with great food, as always.  Enjoy the pics. Below is a preview - Rosie with Judi's great "Statue of Liberty" headgear.

Hoops w/Dangles

     One step closer... LOL -- tonight (5th) and wee hours of a.m. (6th) worked on making the beads at both ends of the hoop as shown in the composite photo; and, hammered, texturized, annealed, drilled, shaped.  Hoping tonight to finish my first pair. Whew - sure takes longer as a novice!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Earwires II

     The second pair of earrings, done tonight with the small BernzOmatic to make a "bead or ball" at the ends of all four wires. Not perfect, but practicing. These will match a necklace that has been on the "back burner." Smiles. Ready to "hit the hay."

WireWork 101

Very First Ellipse Earrings
(photo taken with my iPhone4)
Given to Patti as a gift... 10 minutes after completion! Wowee!

     Finally, a start.  First of all I had to clear my work table of my sewing machine and gobs of related items; now, I am set to begin torch work after a picnic to celebrate the 4th with friends. As some of you know, I am passionate about beading, bookarts, and photography (thus the two wonderful printers and two monitors)... I am so fortunate that these mediums go together with mixed media bookarts. Meanwhile, the jewelry class is with Deryn Mentock. Even with my part-time job, I am also taking a coinciding photoshop course with Marie Otero (both classes began on the 24th and there are links to the artists on the right column of this blog). Yeah, more posting to follow. Happy 4th everyone.