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Monday, February 27, 2012

Joshua Tree Buds

     Yesterday went to Joshua Tree National Park - here is one photo from the trip... will post more later when I am home. Enjoying the fabulous sun and warm weather. Hugs to all. Karen

Joshua Tree Bud Blossoms

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Splash of Gold

     Adding Bonnie's "Splash of Gold" texture to one of my favorite photos I took in Acapulco a few years ago. The photo is fantastic on its own, but I really like how the "gold" texture enhances it and sets a "mood" - it might be nice as an Easter card. [The bird was serendipitous; I did not manipulate the photo except for the texture.] It was a clear blue sky, gorgeous day. I might play a bit more when I return from holiday to make it brighter. Am saving this as a draft since I leave in a couple of hours... awaiting Friday. Always enjoy the PDPA challenges. (Tues 02.21.2012)

Splash of Gold

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ready to Fly

     Literally, that is - like, in an "airplane." LOL - Yes! Ready to "rock and roll" or whatever... leave tonight at 6pm from home and arrive in Palm Springs, California, at 930am tomorrow morning. Will be visiting sister Nadine and brother-in-law Owen who "snowbird" for five months from the Canadian Sunshine Coast. Returning on the 7th after a long 16 hours traveling... know I will enjoy the warmth, seeing family, and meeting up with Sox and Liz to do some lacebook pages or "artsy" stuff.
     Hoping I can still participate in a few of the challenges, but if not will get back in the swing of things after the 8th.
     So, here is my bag - FYI - I like to travel light and this one I "check;" could carry it on, but have a little rolling one with my iPad1, Nook, and a small pillow and lightweight blanket, medication - things that I truly would definitely wish to remain in my possession, so forego taking both on board even though I could do so! Now that I signed up for Alaska 49er status, I shouldn't pay for checking this one, so "thanks to Alaska Air" for that.
     Temp difference should be about 55 degrees.  Oh, my.

iPhone4 image - heading out!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cake Pops

     "Lemon" cake pops... made these today for a gathering later this afternoon... since my freezer is full, had to cool them "outside" for 15 minutes before dipping. Am happy with my "first try." Daughter Alicia is the expert at this. I didn't even have any "sprinkles" in the house! 
     To make 18 pops - takes a 1/2 sheet of 9x13 cake, crumbled; about 6 oz of frosting to hold the cake pop balls together, cool; then I used one package of dark chocolate chips for dipping.  AOK!

Lemon Cake Pops
[iPhone4 images]

Friday, February 17, 2012

February LB Update

     February Update - yep - just completed my two pages for Deb's Victorian Couples Lacebook and will be mailing them off tomorrow to Teri in New York. Had a lovely day completing them - didn't leave the house, took my time and enjoyed the process. Here is one photo (a close up of my grandfather and grandmother, Don and Ruth Moser from Helena, MT, on my Mother's side). 
     You are welcome to click on the "Mixed Media" Page, link is under the Blue Moose banner above to see the other three photos. Thanks.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tea Time

     Had fun with Bonnie's Photo Art Friday challenge today. Wanted to have a "softer" look again, which is harder for me to produce sometimes and I am posting the before photo. These were taken with the iPhone4 again. Enjoy the layers. Karen

Tea Time (Before) iPhone4 image

Tea Time

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Sustains

     Tonight I took a photo with my iPhone4 of a perfume bottle that I had given my mother many years ago; it just happens to be in the shape of a heart. As mothers often do, she said that she would treasure it always. With the advent of her passing a year ago on the 18th, it just seemed fitting that I post this for Valentine's Day; and, also as a bit of a tribute to her.

Happy Valentine's Day
[iPhone4 image]

Sunday, February 12, 2012

HB Sheila Beila

     Sheila "Beila" turns one year old today, 02.13.2012. My friend, Jaci, care sits Sheila and the family had a gathering on Sunday. Happy Birthday, little one!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cribbage in Kenai

     Decided to drive to the Kenai Senior Center to see how rusty I am at cribbage, to gather with a group that has been playing for many years. I was very active but hadn't played now for about a year and a half. Really enjoyed the afternoon; 9 games in three hours (3-6pm). When I was statistician we were playing as a Grass Roots group as part of ACC (American Cribbage Congress). For those who are fond of the game and want to compete in tournaments, there is a website you can link to here: American Cribbage Congress (ACC) - In fact this weekend is an Open Tournament in Reno where over a thousand crib players meet for games and prizes. I was invited to the Tournament of Champions (part of the weekend) 3 years ago and had three years to participate... this was my last chance to compete in that tournament, but instead I am traveling to visit family and friends for two weeks on February 22nd in Palm Springs. Visit the website if you are interested because there are tournaments in various cities across the United States and Canada.
     We were able to view a lovely sunset just before finishing today.

Sugar Sugar

     Didn't get to post very much this week - is getting "crazy" before my holiday to Palm Springs in 10 days (yeah)... so thought this would be simple, acknowledging gifts from family and trying to "soften" my texture approach - I usually go rather boldly as you know! Smiles. Love and hugs to all.

Sugar Sugar (iPhone4 photo)

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Joie de Vivre

     Photo Art Friday due with Bonnie's "Joie de Vivre" pdpa texture. I used the beautiful flower bouquet that Jaci gave me last night and had fun with the difference mode. You really should check out the link to the challenge today because Bonnie did some crazy neat manipulations that you might enjoy playing with. 
"Joie de Vivre"


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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kenai Blizzard

     Had a great day today, even with a bit of a blizzard! Left work just south of K-Beach/Bridge intersection at 1:15pm to head to Kenai to pick up my dear 85-year-old friend, Edna, for lunch at Veronica's. We tried the day before and they had sold out of quiche by noon; so, I "reserved" a piece for today! (Only in Alaska?) We had a lovely salad with sesame marinated cabbage and polenta quiche. Diane (the owner) gifted us with a yummy little chocolate macaroon with coconut filling. Thanks, Diane. Meanwhile, the blizzard didn't "go away," as I returned to work.
     Then this evening, my friend Jaci came over for asparagus and a half baked potato and brought me the beautiful bouquet of flowers. Jaci said this was the best time to go shopping because there weren't many people out and about!

To Kenai (iPhone4 image)

Lovely Shared Lunch (iPhone4 image)

Return to K-Beach (iPhone4 image)

Beautiful Evening Flowers
Thank you, Jaci