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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Books, Books, Books

     I truly do not believe I have a lot of books after moving from a huge oversized two car garage home four years ago. That's when I really got rid of a tremendous amount of "stuff." Woah, what we choose to retain - way too much, even now!

     So, here I am with what I believe is "not too much" and the need to simplify more. Marie Kondo says her initial book reduction was to retain about 100 books. There are only 40 books in her current collection. I am not sure my "spark of joy" can retain so few; however, I am taking all of this from the shelves and putting on tables in the middle of my livingroom to begin the selection. Quite the task.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Clothes Sorted - Continued

     Here are final photos; finished with clothes "tidying up." Woah; two days in and "fun" turned into "work" - LOL. Had to continue since I had such a mess. Is definitely worth it! Imagine that I "sparked joy" in more pieces than necessary, but I only have a 637 sqft apartment with a small bedroom and only 1/2 closet space - the other half houses mixed media art supplies. Am sure more items will be discarded as time passes.

     Books are next, then documents, then the "komono" (miscellaneous), and mementos. Once I have completed I will be giving away the "book" that explains how to do this method. Hugs.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tidying Up - Kondo Method

     The last couple months have seen me getting my health in order. Kidney stones (after sonogram and CT, thinking a blast would be needed) are clear for six more months when another x-ray is due; dermatology biopsy came back as psoriasis so continuing treatment and will see the doctor in six weeks; and, sciatica improving with exercises though I still can't lift as I used to... However, "with that said" (ha) I am moving forward with downsizing and "tidying up." The ultimate goal is to get this done so I can focus on some art projects. This is so exciting!

     Lynette did an FB post on a book by Marie Kondo, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing:

     I went to YouTube and watched a couple videos, one with a Marie Kondo interview and a couple others showing her method in use. Here are pics from today's initial start. One works at selection by categories - first is clothing. So, I am to take ALL of my clothing wherever it might be and put it in one place. Next, I eliminate by keeping what brings a "spark of joy," handling each item. 

     The book says that everyone is amazed at the amount of clothing (indeed); but, I am having fun and finding clothes that I really like and forgot I had - hidden somewhere back in a drawer or in my half closet. 

     So, a "wee bit" embarrassed at the amount of this pile; I still have to bring the clothes on hangers out, and the shoes (but I got rid of some of those last summer). 

And, the pile keeps growing:

Actually have "empty" drawers. Soon, "empty" closet.
Then, to choose what to keep and "sparks joy." 

Stay tuned - will post pics of the "folding" and outcome!