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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My LB Contributions

     The photos are of the pages I did in contributing to the Lacebook Collaborative and were on my mixed media page before I changed Blog format. There is a link in the "This and That" section of my sidebar that takes you to my completed lacebook post and to Suzy's. At some point the other contributors will provide their links.
     When Sox asked me to participate I felt totally intimidated since I truly had to dig my sewing machine out from the dark corners of my clothes closet. It had been years since I sewed anything and certainly not in a collage format which I don't do often in any media - BUT, I am learning! Had such a wonderful time creating, met fabulous women, and developed a kinship of artistic spirit.

Teri, New York
(Jazz 1920s Era)
May, 2012
     I purchased an original piece of sheet music, Girl of Mine, and the Metropolitan cover, both with artwork by Rolf Armstrong and dated 1919. Then, had my friend Maria Allison, a concert pianist, play the music on her baby grand in her home while I taped it to include with the page. [Will try to figure out how to include the one minute clip on this Blog.] Of course, this project was just begging for a bit of picot beading which is one of my favorite stitches.

[Click on the photos for a larger view, please.]

Liz, Oregon
(A Stitch in Time)
April, 2012
A few of these embellishments were found on eBay...

Suzy in Australia
(Vintage Gypsy)
March, 2012
The pocket holds a "fortune telling" punch out game; 
photos to follow when I get to my other drive.

Socrates, Canada and California
(Young Girl in Paris)
February, 2012
PARIS is actually "cut out" in CS5 from a scene under the
Eiffel Tower; beautiful European lace, too. 

Deb, Idaho
(Vintage Romantic Couples)
January, 2012
Don and Ruth Moser are my grandparents.

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Angi in hana said...

karen, since i am new to following your blog i was checking out some of your gorgeous work, just beautiful these pieces, very special! are you doing photo transfer on fabric? tx so much for sharing, aloha! angi in hana