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Friday, August 21, 2015

August 7 Birthday Weekend

     My "birthday weekend" began with a drive on Friday afternoon the 6th; a hot and tiring ride because the sun was bright and of course shining on my side of the car... so, when I reached Anchorage, I pulled over to view the Potter Marsh sightings and to walk the Boardwalk. The kids weren't off work yet and it was perfect timing. 
     The photos are not retouched and all done with my iPhone6. But they give you a perspective of the view with the "Hillside" in the background dotted with homes, the birdlife, and spawning of salmon. Enjoy.

     Alicia treated me to a "fermentation" class at Zucchini's Cooking Store Saturday evening and Lynette joined us. We had so much fun. The first photo is the "final product that I transferred to green storing jars that will reside in my frig over the next several weeks." The transfer occurred two weeks after the process began and the vegetables are delicious. It was a simple salt/water brine and I reserved about another cup that I will use in soup this weekend. 
     Dae and I will begin another jar tomorrow for her family. The girls love them, too. When we were in Anchorage last weekend for school shopping, we tried Alicia's gallon jar and Jason/Lynette also dug into their jar. My kitchen is cooler and therefore fermentation slower. I am totally happy with the outcome and looking forward to the "eats."