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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Nostalgia

     Easter Blessings to All

     Found this b/w photography from April, 1960; just had to post. The photo reminds me of Mom sewing our dresses for holidays on her Husqvarna Viking sewing machine. None of us girls carried on the tradition; but, Mom was truly a gifted seamstress.

More Knitting

     This Zephyr Cove project will take a while, but I look forward to working on it periodically. New stitches for me so a learning curve is needed (picot knitting is fun). Am not using two different colors this time; saving that till I get the pattern learned. 
     Also printed out my next lacebook transfer for picot beading on smoked moose hide. Lots to keep me busy when I have down time. 
     Here's a pic of the lovely wool and silk staircase scarf I "just" finished Wednesday morning.

Friday, March 29, 2013

LB Spread for Terri

     Completed Lacebook Spread for Terri in Oregon; mailing to Teri in New York. Terri is our "doll maker" with the theme "Medieval Headdress" and has such a beautiful book so I had to try my hand at making a "paper-type" fabric doll... Rather intimidating! Smiles.     
     Now on to the Medieval Garden for Liz; Medieval Horses for Teri - and, my own book will return to me! Very exciting.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Anchorage Respite

Saturday, 1045am
departed Soldotna with youngest daughter, Dae

Organic Oasis, 2pm
son Jason, daughter Alicia and her son, Devin, Dae

Diamond Mall, 5pm
scheduled haircuts for Devin and Alicia

we girls arrived en-force about 830pm
Alaska Sundance Bed and Breakfast

Cream Sherry was such a nice treat

Jetted Tub looked heavenly; however,
we enjoyed the outdoor hot tub at midnight - sooo relaxing!

And, were spoiled with this enclosed 
steam shower in the morning. Oh, my!

Healthy Delicious Breakfast
kale (from their garden) and egg whites
coconut butter on toast
fruit selection and turkey pattie with apple juice

Pauline suggested we visit Fromagios
before leaving town, so for supper
Sunday evening after driving the snowing highway
I had a delicious snack:
"lambchopper" (sheep's milk cheese) and oat crackers

Visit AK Sundance Retreat at:

Pauline and Jim are fabulous hosts and live
in a quiet beautiful end-of-the road setting. 
We had an fabulous stay and enjoyed visiting with them.

Thank you, Family, for making my weekend special.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Different Medium...

     OK - about time I move on to my lacebook collaborative this weekend. But, have to finish birthday knitting today. Yeah, two more BDs within the next two weeks. 
     LB spread due end of month. Pulling out that smoked moose hide and the beads for picot so I can visualize pages! Yeah!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3rd Snuggle Sack

     Completed this tonight... enjoy making these sets and especially with such beautiful yarn!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Look Out for Moose

     Monday morning hits hard after returning to standard time... I actually "snoozed" twice, normally awaking far before the gong chimes.
     Yesterday was a snowy-blizzard-type day, one to remain indoors and knit (for me). 
     What a gorgeous day today is. Clear blue sky with Mt. Redoubt in its glory appearing across Cook Inlet. 
     The photo below was taken with my "on-hand" camera, the iPhone5, through my vehicle window on my way to work! Smiles.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Staircase Scarf Completed

     Photos of the completed "staircase scarf"... finished it about a half hour ago. [The start of the scarf is shown in Monday's post.] It turned out lovely and will be sending to its owner soon.

Thank You LauraOh

     The Blog Party winnings are complete... I just received this beautiful wrist bag from LauraOh at "LauraOhDesigns.com" and it is fabulous - such meticulous and detailed sewing - perfection! I feel blessed to be the recipient. Thanks so much, Laura.

     Just a little FYI - I took the photo with my iPhone5 and then did a bit of cropping and framing with my new "PhotoShop Touch" app... the watermark is done with I/M because I haven't figured out how to make the lettering smaller with the new app. Will need to visit the tutorials. Was fun doing on my iPad. Hugs.

Monday, March 4, 2013

On My Needles

     "Blue" BD gift done; on to another lovely project - may take a bit more time. It is called "diagonal staircase scarf," 6"w x 60"l (or approximately, depending on one's height). It is on size 7 needles and one gains 1.5" every eight rows, each of 44 stitches. Can you tell I am counting toward the 15,000 stitches I will be doing? LOL - The yarn is 65% cotton, 30% rayon, and 5% silk - a very soft touch.  
     [May need to be doing three projects here at once; have another snuggle sack going (waiting for one skein of yarn); and, just saw the sweetest pair of fingerless mitts that are a "must do."] 
     Oh, my, more time?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lacebook Binding Tutorial

     After the "Blog Party," I had a few questions from followers regarding the binding of my Mary Lacebook. In sending answers to questions, I pulled a few photos together and wrote a "quick and dirty" basic tutorial, mainly visual. I am sure there may be gaps and hopefully not too much left out. Remember this is only one method of many.
     I began my book passion journey in 1998 and had a wonderful mentor in Susan Joy Share after my first general Japanese bound book for a college photography class; all of my books at that time were paper journals with varying techniques in binding, from this modified basic method to more difficult patterns.
     The "Mary Lacebook" is my first journey with the use of fabric and the collaborative was made up of five fabulous artists - and, myself!
     A couple of notations: I wanted three buttons per signature, however one signature has only two buttons and was of lighter weight so it worked out. I punched my outside spine holes with a Japanese screw punch; an eyelet punch will work just as well.
     Thanks for your interest. Hope this helps with questions; please know you are welcome to Email me for further details if you wish.  
[Click on the photos below for details and ability to read the notes.] 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mochi IceCream

     Small, yet satisfying... my treat for the evening.

Gift Project

     Today found me buying a Cascade Jewel skein to make a cowl for a birthday next Sunday... then, I will dig into my stash for another gift coming up soon. 
     At some point this month I will do my fourth lacebook spread with the theme "Medieval Headdress." Small thoughts surfacing.

Friday, March 1, 2013

2013 Palm Springs

     This post has 35 photos (of 363 taken)...smiles. I feel pretty good about the cut for now! [No wonder I haven't posted my October trip yet - I took over 800 shots then; but, with patience, I will post the best eventually.] Thanks for enjoying this trip with me.

[A little reminder - please click on the photos for a detailed view.]

Trip to Whitewater Preserve for Picnic

Around Town - Activities
Creative day with Sox (we met at a Medford workshop over two years ago), 
fun at Art Under the Umbrella and Ewe 'n Me;
Thrift store shopping with Nadine's friends with lunch on El Paseo Drive; 
Bocci Tournament at Hidden Springs Country Club;
and, fish tacos with Annie at Rubios...
(no pics of Mexican Train, awards dinner and dancing, 
Alaska String Band, movie day, water aerobics,
hot tub, cards and table games, dinner invites, etc... lots to do!

beautiful friend, Sox, with me and Nadine

forgot to mention - I knitted when watching TV or Nadine played poker...
this cowl and a baby snuggle sack and cap.

Bocce Ball Tournament 

Joshua Tree National Park

son Jason and Lynette drove over from Lake Havasu.

Andreas Canyon (Indian Canyons)

Palm Canyon (Indian Canyons)

Thank you one and all for such a lovely trip - especially Nadine and Owen for a place to stay, Darla and Bob for the gift bonus of the air miles to travel, my dear friend Sox for her love and support, Jason and Lynette for driving over;
my daughers Alicia and Daedra for rides to/from both airports; and,
all of Nadine and Owen's longtime friends.