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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Boat Junk 2

     Another photo from Homer before the end-of-the month, barely!

Boat Junk 2

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Destination Hope Junction

     Photos taken September 24th on a drive to Hope Junction, to/from the Kenai/Soldotna area. This should be the end of our fall colors, with wind and rain lately. Hope you enjoy the views.

Friday, September 28, 2012

PDPA Nature's Abstract

    PDPA challenge this week is an abstraction in nature. Enjoy!

No texture applied to #1.
Bonnie's Textures were applied to #2 and #3.

Click on the link above to see other art pieces. Thanks.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Flowering Tea and "Beauty"

     Taking a break from sorting storage boxes... recalling my trip to China where I purchased flowering teas. This one is light and soothing!

     A wonderful short poem by Tom Jay from his book "The Blossoms are Ghosts at the Wedding, Selected Poems and Essays." Heard him read and talk about his poetry at Fisher Poets Gathering 2011 in Astoria, Oregon. His turn of phrase delights me and I enjoy his work.


Beauty is the world's gift
passed on in honest witness.

Cleverness may catch it
but stills its soul in clutching.

We stand on the edge
of a grave that wants a garden,
waiting for heart's old drum
to find a song.

There is no art
for art's sake.

The blossoms are ghosts
at the wedding.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Cooper Landing Shoot

     Afternoon photo shoot to Cooper Landing; perhaps the last chance to see the fall colors, depending on the weather conditions the next few days. Prediction is for more rain Saturday and Sunday with the Kenai River cresting and flood warnings all around.
Please click on photos for a more detailed view. Thanks.

Fields of Gold, Sterling

Peterson Lake
Kelly Lake, Seven Lakes Trail Trailhead,
Roxanne and her "Charges"

Cooper Landing and Russian River Confluence
Cresting Waters, Potential Flooding

Summer's End

Thursday, September 20, 2012

PAF Aging

     Bonnie's PAF (Photo Art Friday) challenge this week was to present an art piece that shows "aging." Since I had just posted my "junk boat" a couple of days earlier, I decided to play with CS5 and/or PSE10 to use a couple of Bonnie's textures in the process. Here is what happened. The first is a SOOC shot of the original (for those who didn't see it earlier); the second adds the warming ancient treasure texture; and, the third (perhaps my favorite because a variation would make a great acrylic painting) uses the vintage vellum texture. A layers display is shown at the end for those who follow along with that sort of thing - I did it in one PSD file by turning the "eye" on/off. 

Hope you enjoy. I sure had fun experimenting.

As always - click on the photos for a larger view. 
AND, if you would like to see how others
interpreted the challenge, please click the link below.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My LB Contributions

     The photos are of the pages I did in contributing to the Lacebook Collaborative and were on my mixed media page before I changed Blog format. There is a link in the "This and That" section of my sidebar that takes you to my completed lacebook post and to Suzy's. At some point the other contributors will provide their links.
     When Sox asked me to participate I felt totally intimidated since I truly had to dig my sewing machine out from the dark corners of my clothes closet. It had been years since I sewed anything and certainly not in a collage format which I don't do often in any media - BUT, I am learning! Had such a wonderful time creating, met fabulous women, and developed a kinship of artistic spirit.

Teri, New York
(Jazz 1920s Era)
May, 2012
     I purchased an original piece of sheet music, Girl of Mine, and the Metropolitan cover, both with artwork by Rolf Armstrong and dated 1919. Then, had my friend Maria Allison, a concert pianist, play the music on her baby grand in her home while I taped it to include with the page. [Will try to figure out how to include the one minute clip on this Blog.] Of course, this project was just begging for a bit of picot beading which is one of my favorite stitches.

[Click on the photos for a larger view, please.]

Liz, Oregon
(A Stitch in Time)
April, 2012
A few of these embellishments were found on eBay...

Suzy in Australia
(Vintage Gypsy)
March, 2012
The pocket holds a "fortune telling" punch out game; 
photos to follow when I get to my other drive.

Socrates, Canada and California
(Young Girl in Paris)
February, 2012
PARIS is actually "cut out" in CS5 from a scene under the
Eiffel Tower; beautiful European lace, too. 

Deb, Idaho
(Vintage Romantic Couples)
January, 2012
Don and Ruth Moser are my grandparents.