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Friday, September 30, 2011


     TOMORROW - YES!  I begin another "on-line" class, this one with Deryn Mentock - you can click on the right hand side bar under Something Sublime if you want more information or are interested. This is a great "basics" class and/or refresher. It will be fun to pull all those beads from the rack in my art room! Hugs from Alaska.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

OLPH Mary - Fall

Little Birdie

     Well, bird watchers out there will need to let me know "what kind" of bird this is - quite the "cute little thing, with attitude." This was taken at Darla and Bob's cabin-site at the end of Funny River Road about 16 miles East of Soldotna on September 28th. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Girls, Dae, and Jas

     These photos were taken on September 11. The girls and I drove Dae to the "hangar," waiting for Kevin to pick her up for a couple days across the Cook Inlet. We stopped and saw Jason who was busy working on the new Davis Block building which kept him on the Kenai for a few weeks with a couple of brief visits home to ANC during that time.

Colors of Fall

     My trip home from Anchorage -- left about 230pm and arrived home at 630pm. Thus, stopping often! Didn't get a chance to crop and/or enhance the photos and sure enjoyed the drive -- a truly beautiful day. Please follow the link below to see the album on FB.  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thibodeau Wedding

     Lucas and Naomi (Hageland) Thibodeau were married last Saturday at Luke's Mom and Dad's home in Kenai.  What a wonderful gathering; all the little details were awesome - from the beautiful arch that Luke built, covered eating area, decorated sushi bar, fire pit, buffet and cake on the deck, and cotton candy by the swing set for the young ones. Truly, they thought of everything. So many fabulous photos have been posted to FB (Facebook). I only took a few with my iPhone and posted them here on my "Photography Page."  You can also take a look by following the public link just below, in this post. All the very best for a bright future to a beautiful couple.
     [There are pics of my son Jason, youngest daughter Daedra, and Dae's daughters - my two granddaughters, Milena and Dareena, too. FYI.]

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Personal Cards

       Worked on these last weekend; always like to fiddle with CS5 and/or PSE. And, usually learn something new each time. Since Darla had staff photos taken (a couple weeks ago) for her/Bob's website and advertising for "Springer Real Estate Group", I used one of the photos which color-complemented my Blue Moose. Ordered a small batch for "personal cards." Looking forward to using them.  If you want one, just "let me know." Hugs.

Finally Feeling Better

       These seven posts which follow dated September 21, 2011, are to catch up on my "blogging" activities from July and August. There are a few more pics from photography shoots that I will try to get ready and include, but for now this will suffice.
     Was not able to fish this year because of the injury on July 13th; and, I have always enjoyed fishing for "reds" during peak season -- this year was the absolute best ever, too - we had more than one million fish come up the Kenai. I had Jason proxy for me (filling out all the paperwork with F&G and Doctor) to at least have eight fish in the freezer - I will try to can half as soon as I feel up to doing it. 
     Meanwhile, remember with the entries below that you can click on the photo for a larger view - BLOGSPOT ADDED SOMETHING NEW - you can then click on the "X" in the upper right hand corner to return to the blog - LOL - fabulous upgrade.
     Hope you enjoy seeing what has been happening in my world - did not do as much as I had wanted, but hoping to do more as I can.
     Love to all. Karen

Everyday Jewelry

     August, 2011 - Items that bring me joy!

Black and White

     August 31, 2011 - Black and White Collaborative. Photos say it all.

Birthday Flowers

     August 7, 2011 - Lovely birthday gatherings and greetings were a beautiful boost to my spirits.

Jean and Sage

     July 19, 2011 - After flying into ANC on the 18th, picked up Jean and Sage to travel home to Kenai/Soldotna. We were able to stop and take the tram up the Alyeska ski-hill. Fortunately, they had a cable car or I wouldn't have been able to go with them. LOL - no way could I "jump" from a ski lift with my leg, rib, and elbow bummed up!  
     They had a great stay, visiting Seward (via, ANC to return, because of two fatal accidents in Cooper Landing), Homer, Seldovia area, salmon and halibut fishing, on and on...

Jacksonville w/DJ

     July 15-17, 2011 - Judy drove me up to Jacksonville early to make the planned class in Jacksonville. Weather wasn't too hot - I remember, bearable at about 80-85ish... The group was the best and DJ, as always, a fabulous instructor. The course was a bit of a refresher from the January class because my goal was/is to do more with photography and covers. Couldn't participate all of the time because of my injuries, but had a good time getting to know everyone and enjoyed being artistic with like-minded souls.

Reynolds' Oasis

     July 13-14, 2011 - Judy and Steve's beautiful "oasis" that I dearly love to visit, in Montague, CA, just 60 miles south of Medford, OR. This trip Judy spent five hours in the ER with me from my fall in Medford and we were not able to hike the "falls" as we had planned - wonderful photo ops, but still I had to pull out my camera for a few hits. We pretty much tended my wounds and "goofed around" as you can tell -- well, the second day, at least. Not much fun the first day, I must admit. Judy - you were such a fabulous friend to help me during this difficult time - and, then to drive me back so early Friday morning to Jacksonville. You are special. 

Medford Injury

     July 13, 2011 - Headed to Medford, OR, as a "treat" from my dear friend and boss, Darla, for just five days for a "book-technique" workshop; and, sure enough I had to go and fall on the identified walk shown below. The doctor says she is hoping that I am healed in another month or so (October/November-ish). Still have a few tweaks from the dislocated rib and the elbow -- when she presses those areas I know! But, finally the infection is gone and just this last week have felt good enough to tackle some boxes in my home that need sorting. Whoa.