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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Cup

     Here is my Sunday cup... needed this! Smiles - have a beautiful day.

Diane Cook Bracelets

     Diane Cook's bracelets arrived this week at a time I couldn't post... so, here they are. How gorgeous; and, such excellent arts-womanship! Looks like I am delayed to do my own etching until the later part of the week or weekend - this week is just too busy. The class info has a link in my right sidebar, through Artful Gathering, An Amazing Event.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Canning Continued

     All on-line classes and creative projects on hold for a couple days. Didn't process until today (Wed) - too tired Tuesday after work so took a nap instead! Oh, my! 
     Arrived home about 4pm, and had the fish on the stove at 530pm - taking them out of the canner at 930pm. Watched SYTYCD and the pressure gauge at the same time! Love it!
     The meat weighed 10# 11oz - and, I had exactly 24 each 1/2 pint jars - no more and no less - so, none left over this time.

Before putting on the sterilized lids
and putting them into the canner.

Barn Birthday Bash

     Jaci LeDoux (a dear friend) has been preparing since January for the "barn birthday bash" for her "sweetheart," Dean Robinson, who turns 60 on August 28th. The party took place a week early. Here are links to the public photo albums. Many more photos were taken by immediate Robinson family members. Thought you might enjoy a few I took.

Waiting for Guests

Click the lines below to view the photo albums.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Red Preparation

     I am still backing up my computer documents; initially moved instead of copied, so am essentially doing it twice. Thus:
     All the photo work has been done on my iPhone4 and iPad. First put the photos into a triptych with "diptic," then cropped out the top portion of the framing, next put a frame around it in "snapseed;" then, finally the lettering in "I/W." So not too shabby - LOL. (all iPhone apps)
     Didn't take too long to preprocess four beautiful "sockeye" salmon. My right angle knife blade is invaluable in filleting, but especially in skinning the fish. Will weigh the meat tomorrow before I put them into 1/2 pint jars for canning. That is a large 14" diameter serving bowl.
     Great to have salmon for the winter.

"Red" Preparation

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Florida Friend Joy

     Tuesday afternoon received a call from Joy Dibble; she and her husband John are traveling from Florida for six months... and, enjoying Alaska sight seeing right now. Joy and I met in the online class Towers and Turrets. The focal for my heart strings in the post before last was her exchange for some items she needed for the class. That evening we were able to get together and took a three mile walk. Yesterday (Wednesday) we shared a halibut sandwich from the local Kenai Burger Bus and took photos from the Old Town lookout. Here we are! Thanks for the lovely visit and safe travels back home. Love and hugs... 

Karen and Joy Dibble
with Cook Inlet and Mt Redoubt in the background.

Subsistence Fishing

     Time again for "red/sockeye" subsistence fishing - Alaska residents only... this is taken from a park in Old Town Kenai with a great view of the mouth of the Kenai River. YES - those are people standing in the water - not birds! Smiles.  

Subsistence Fishing at the Mouth of the Kenai River

Monday, July 16, 2012

Heart Strings

     Finally am completing some parts of my heart strings. I have until the 24th to watch the videos; and, a new 2nd Session has begun at Artful Gatherings - you can check out the classes by following the link in my sidebar - "An Amazing Event, June 2012." My July 4th post showcases my instructor's work (Diane Cook).
     The photo below will at least show you the colors I intend to use - did my "nestie" after work tonight. The lovely focal metal/resin work was given to me by Joy Dibble from Florida while we took the Towers and Turrets class online last year. In fact, she and her husband are currently traveling Alaska and I will get to meet her for tea on Wednesday. Isn't it such a small world sometimes?
     Am still hoping to patina and punch a hole in the thimble tonight. I have a few lovely embellishments that I would like to use; it is a creative process and just seems to take on a "life of its own." Will be neat to see how it turns out. Hugs to all. Karen

Karen's Heart Strings
(In Creative Process)

Moose Nugget Regatta

     We had a fabulous time going to the Moose Nugget Regatta this last weekend. Dae, girls, and I drove up mid-afternoon Friday arriving at Wasilla Lake about 5pm, just in time for Dae to help derig or unload some of the boats. We then were able to meet up and visit for a bit with Jason and Lynette on their way to their cabin an hour north of Wasilla.
     Saturday Alicia and CJ surprised us by driving over from Anchorage to support Dae in her first rowing competition. I have posted 23 photos to Facebook and below is the public link to view those. I also have two videos on FB, one of the Ham and Eggs 8x and one of Dae's Novice Single.
     It is a new and exciting sport for our family and I sure enjoyed the time with wonderful past and present friends.

     The Ham and Eggs 8x are lined up and ready to head our direction to the finish line. I used my Panasonic Leica lens 420 zoom to get this shot.   

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Heart Strings Supplies

     have arrived! Oh, yes! I am jazzed to be sure. Maybe I can get started on the jewelry chains Sunday and make some forward motion toward fruition of a piece this week. How cool would that be?

Heart Strings Supplies
(iPhone4 capture)
See "Rosa and Josies" in the sidebar. Thanks.

One Page Booklet

     Made a small edition of only six little 8x11 one page booklets, folded down as you will be able to see from the photo. These are going to my "lacebook collaborative friends." I wrote a little thank you along the cover front and my inside page. All of the contributors gave so much extra time and effort to the project. I chose one of each of their pages to include in this keepsake. 
     It is printed on high quality matte photo paper and was a fun little project to try. Who says I can't take a break (or am I procrastinating) from organizing my art room! 
Keepsake Collaborative Booklet
(photo taken with iPhone4)

Page Layout for Photoshop CS5

Friday, July 6, 2012

Blog Changes Overdue

     I will be making a few changes here at my blog. Making a lighter background so it will be easier for some to read. I already changed the URL to "www.karendorcas.com" because "alaskabluemoose.com" has been taken by an Alaska search engine of some sort and I have been getting "spam" more often, but a redirect of my blog should be in place and hopefully won't disturb the function of it. 
     Meanwhile, I lost my "links" to favorite blogs and am putting those back in place - please excuse if your link is not running yet. Not sure if there can be changes to the name or not, but I am getting help in that area in a couple of weeks. LOL - of course, I couldn't wait and am now probably making a mess of it! Will keep communicating though. 
     Hugs to all my faithful friends and family. Karen

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Heart Strings Readiness

     Am still organizing and will be for quite some time... managed to clear two shelves on one upright larger unit and that "beading stuff" is now on this cart. It will make working on my project easier because I can take it to another room. I have two more shelves that have beading material; but, most of it is specialty items like torches and large spools of thread - size 11 or smaller beads for bead embroidery - and a few of my "bead soups" that I use for making bracelets and necklaces. Mixed media items get intermingled, also; regardless, I feel as if I am moving forward.

     Waiting for a package to arrive containing a thimble kit so I can make a necklace called "Heart Strings." The class is given on-line with Diane Cook from the Artful Gathering. You can see Diane's work by clicking on the link in my sidebar called "Rosa and Josie's." Her work is absolutely gorgeous.

Diane Cook's Heart Strings

Details from another Heart Strings (Diane Cook)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Peony Plus

     Here are three new photos! Absolutely refreshing to have a visual respite while working...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Budding Peony

     Couldn't help myself - had to take a photo of these "budding peonies" that a co-worker brought in to work today. Can't wait to see them tomorrow! 

Budding Peony

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Downsizing Begins

     Oh, yes! Downsizing begins. Spent the last couple of nights going through about eight boxes in hopes of eventually getting rid of a small storage unit. LOL - threw away listing and buying home documents from 1994, 2004 (two), and 2009. Goodness, why do we think we need this paperwork? 
     First on the docket today, however, was to organize my printing area by my computer desk. I took my large printer off a rolling cart because I want to use that cart to house my beading instruments and supplies. That way I can "roll" my current project to/from my other rooms if I choose and still be able to leave table work and sewing machine up and running. Besides, I now have access to my window, fresh air, and natural light. 
     Still have much to do, of course. I miss my laminate flooring in my home, but will make do. Now to the area above the printer and I will only have one and a half racks to go and my two bookcases. 
     I am jazzed - it doesn't take much!

My "Organized" Printing Area

My "Fresh-Air" Sewing Table

Table Glory

     Took a walk after church last night and ended up at Mykels Restaurant - spur-of-the-moment dinner... had a lovely fresh salad and "fish and chips" without the chips. Still wanted my walk to have a purpose. My iPhone came in handy to capture the pretty daisies on the table. 
     This morning used a masking technique, a little desaturation and a polaroid frame. 

Dinner Table Glory
[iPhone4 image]