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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Current Knitting

     The last month during my back/forth time to/from Anchorage/Kenai... had me working and completing a couple of knitting projects as gifts.
     The blue twisted ribbed hat and fingerless mitts will be given as a BD gift the end of the month; the baby snuggle sack in denim heather is going out the "door" Monday; and, the brown twisted rim hat will be saved for Christmas.
     I am now 2/3rds complete on the pink Rivulet so quite a bit further than the photo below - once it is "blocked" it will be lovely.
     Thanks for visiting. K

Snuggle sack for "baby" Lee. Barb/Wayne's newest
grandbaby "to arrive on 15th."

Just for fun! Here is a pic of Levi Hand
in one of my four (thus far) snuggle sacks.
Thank you, Hanna, for the fabulous photo.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Early Birthday Celebration

     The kids had a lunch gathering "early birthday" celebration, since all were in Anchorage and each works during the week. We had such a fun time and they made it very special. Was nice to have the room in Alicia and CJ's dining area... Thanks to all of you for a beautiful day filled with unforgettable memories. 
     These are just a sampling of the activities. Besides the miniature 3D golf, we did some arcade game playing. Here: Jason and Devin playing pool, Dareena and Alicia on air hockey, and Jason and Dae dunking basketballs. Miss Milena wrote the "tear-in-eye" poem.
     Thank you, also, to those of you dear friends who sent greetings to me. Goodness - Aug 7th I turned 66.