Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Beer Brats and Sauerkraut

     A few friends have asked for this recipe... it is from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cookbook, printed in 2007. I was raised in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, where Oktoberfest was/is a "big deal;" we always enjoyed the festivities and ate these with mashed potatoes or on a bun... but didn't make this recipe until a few years ago. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fingerless Gloves - Weekend Project

     It started with Friday afternoon, a local 1-3pm knitting group, right here at the Senior Center! Decided to make myself a pair of fingerless mitts - finally - after making gifts of about eight pair to others. With the autumn chill (no snow yet), I am looking forward to wearing them - finished Sunday and didn't even rush. 
     Worked the pattern two-at-a-time on Size 6 - 47" Circular Needles. Very easy pattern by Churchmouse, called "Welted Fingerless Gloves." I love the white silk that comes through at random, a wonderful warm wool blend. Visit me on Ravelry if you wish.

October 12, 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Exciting to be Back

     It is exciting to get back onto my blog; May, June, July and August had me recuperating and feeling better from sciatica problems and a cracked cartilage. Then, unfortunately, September and still October have found me trying to pass a kidney stone - even after iodine CT Scan, general surgical blasting, and apple cider vinegar. Waiting to see the new urologist in town next Friday, the 17th... and, will get better from there.

     Meanwhile, the summer months still found me downsizing, organizing my little apartment in the senior housing in Kenai, teaching my granddaughters how to knit, finishing a few "unfinished projects" - hope to post a few, contributing to a couple of collaboratives... and more.

     This month our local Fine Arts Center has a showing called: "Books - An Experimental Exhibit" which I did not contribute to. They asked me to display some of my blank journals that would show different spine decoration. Here are a couple of pics before I completed the shelves, but at least a peak!

Kenai Fine Arts Center - Journals Display
"Vintage Journals" (1999-2004ish)

There are twice as many at home, and my "lace books..."
Didn't want to display those because I may "show" them at some point.

     Taking a couple of on-line inspirational activities with Co-Lab (Susan Tuttle and Alena Hennessy), Small Journeys (Jude Hill), two iPhoneography courses (one with Dave Cross), and continuing to revisit MAM (Mary Ann Moss), Kim Klassen, Lisa Sonora and Design Matters for inspiration. This winter I hope to be stitching more and incorporating items into a couple of artists books. 

     Seems like the closer I get to 70 than 60 in age, there isn't enough time for everything I want to complete - still love my knitting, too.

     Hugs for now and thanks for stopping by. Karen

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Michelangelo LB

     My third beautiful LB returned today - one each of the last three years from late fall to May... and, what a gorgeous book this one is, yet again. One more page to arrive and I will determine how to attach the signatures. Very exciting. I did not "enhance" these photos - the transfer work is amazing. 
     A very special "Thank You" to the ladies who contributed: Teri, Liz, Terri, Sox, and Deb - you all rock, big time.

Friday, April 18, 2014

"Raven" Books

     Yeah! Raven Collaborative Completed... here is a photo synopsis for you to peruse. I enjoyed the process after finally getting "some" of my things unpacked. 
     Upon receiving the originals, each was reproduced on heavier textured paper and I used the person's submission as the cover for her book. The other four pages were used as signature covers. Found a great piece of paper from Hollander's to use as the endsheets for four books and then ran out of paper; so, I just made a plain front endsheet and a windowed back endsheet for my book. Kind of fun - and, since I plan to write in this journal - will add some personality. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Last Lacebook Page

     Yeah - last lacebook page for this season; the book will be heading back to its final destination in New York with Teri. An amazing book. 
     After my next project deadline (this week) I can begin organizing my space and I am totally looking forward to that.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mixed Media Feb/March

     Will catalog the last several weeks of mixed media creations (or attempts thereof, lol) since the end of January. 
     While in Canada, Nadine and I co-taught a book making class on "coptic stitch binding" to eight lovely artists... had a lot of fun and it worked out well with two of us teaching. Completed two coptic bound books for myself and made a coptic book to present to my "blog winner" who lives in White Rock just before crossing the border into the U.S. 
[Please see March 14 blog post.]
     During the Olympics and other times while Nadine was busy, I knitted - three hat/fingerless mitt sets, one cowl, and an additional fingerless mitt pair (all gifts). When I returned home I whipped out a dishcloth (because I needed one for the kitchen with my recent move) and a Windschief Blue beanie that has been sent to my sister Deb in Seattle; and, began Owen's socks. 
     Nadine and I played around with jewelry making for a short time when she made a pair of earrings and used a new tool I told her about - the cup bur. It is so much handier than steel wool to smooth the tip of earring wires so they don't cut into the skin. I totally suggest it and brought an extra one home for myself.
     What a beautiful studio Nadine has to work in, providing many hours of entertainment - happy hours making art, doing random acts of kindesses, and pay-it-forwards... or creating books for donation, setting up brochures, helping with cooking classes, presenting on bookarts to fiber artists - you name it - very talented - all this in the month of March.
(Can you tell - I miss the time we had together.)

Photo below reiterates my March 15th detailed post...