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Friday, September 27, 2013

Wk 2 - Picture Everyday

     Second week for "Picture Everyday" - I actually traveled to Kenai from Anchorage to do some personal appointments (doctor and tire change) and work a couple of days with my "remote" employer. So, views will be somewhat varied from home base.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Current Mixed Media

     Catching up - thought you might enjoy photos of projects that I have completed and those I am currently working on. Had time when I was recuperating to complete two knitted items - the pink/green "Hope" Zephyr Cove Shawl and socks from yarn my sister Nadine sent me for my August birthday. Those will be pictured last.
     The current knitting projects are felted clogs (taking a four week Monday evening class, two sessions to go), the Never Wimpy Wimple cowl/hoodie - you can see the wimple as a hoodie in the background of the macro photo and the Honey Cowl. All photos are taken with my iPhone5. 
     Two mixed media collaboratives are in the works; one is called "Same Page 'Raven'" and pages should return to me about the 15th of October - so, I will have time before Christmas to get books off to the participants. Our third Lacebook collaborative is happening  soon - ATCs (precursor to the book) are due October 1 and our outside covers and page will begin the rounds on October 15th. Sox, our hostess, has already sent her ATC to us for inspiration, as shown. Her theme is Bronzino. Just as soon as I get this book and page off to Teri in New York, I will sew the last one together (finally found the buttons I want to use) and get photos up - it is the John Waterhouse Lacebook. The Mary Lacebook has a link on the right sidebar, my first in this collaborative series.
     That's it right now, along with continuing to unpack and organizing my room and studio - downsizing big time! 
     Hugs from Alaska.

As a side note here - my theme is Michelangelo; other themes are Bronzino, DaVinci, Commedia de Arte, Gutenburg Printing Press, and the Four Elements.

Now ready (on the Wimple) to pick up 270 stitches across the top to work 
in-the-round for the cowl/hoodie portion.

The dark green sole will compliment these colors - looking forward to
seeing how these turn out!

Madelintosh Honey Cowl - will have a beautiful waffle weave.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Picture Everyday

     Am in an 8-week on-line class with Tracey Clark and Big Picture Classes, called Picture Everyday. So, thought it would be interesting to post my five themes for the week each Friday. Here they are - it is very interesting to capture one's activities - gives a new perspective and way to count our blessings.

Getting to Know You

Monday - Wake

Tuesday - Wash

Wednesday - Dine

Thursday - Serve

Friday - Rest

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baby Jack Lee

     Lisa Siesser has graciously sent along several photos of newborn Jack, her nephew, and my friends Barb and Wayne's first grandbaby. 
     If you live in or get to the Detroit area, or have friends there, please check out Lisa's photography website. Very lovely and creative captures. You may click on the link I provided below.
     Thank you Lisa for sending along these amazing photos of Jack in the little snuggle sack I made. It is a delight and treat to my eyes.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2013 Labor Day

     After two weeks in Kenai arrived back in time for the Labor Day weekend in Anchorage. Since Dae and girls came up to go to the Alaska State Fair, we also took the opportunity to celebrate Dareena's 13th. 
     The evening had us all laughing and playing with "garage band" on the Wii. What a lot of fun!
     Took the photos w/iPhone5. Dae took their photo with her phone. Yes, finally, was able to give Dareena the hat and fingerless gloves...