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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

     The winter had me recuperating from an injury and physical therapy for a while and trying to still get settled (downsizing) in my apartment. True to form, though making some progress, I am still downsizing. I am excited in that I have gotten a lot done.

     Mother's Day forward this year (2016) found me hiking with the family (grown kiddos age 42, 39, 38 and their respective families) and with the Kenai Seniors for the last two/three months. I will post some photos here of the latest and most current adventure.

     Hope you enjoy. Hugs to all. 

Bodenburg Butte
my gps wrist tracker says 2500 altitude at the top;
the steps were a portion of the north face hike with
the photo at about 300 steps.
The kids sure challenged me this time; of course,
it was the hottest part of the day!