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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mary Lacebook

     My Mary Lacebook has been completed for quite some time now - perhaps the end of May or early June; but, I had not posted photos since the update of my site. Some photos were on the previous Mixed Media Page, but now the top bar links only to postings. I am also saving some photos in Facebook with links to albums.
     In this posting I wish to show the completed book because viewing the pics are in a larger format than allowed on FB, though the images are at maximum 1024.
     The process was a collaborative round robin with six women, each with her own individual theme. I will be posting my contributions to their books later on this blog or perhaps at FB. Initially we did our covers and a couple of pages, then sent them on to another (I always sent my contribution to Teri in New York). Each month we would get another book with a different theme and do two pages in it and then send it off. After the fifth month, our own book was returned for us to complete and bind.
     Thank you Teri, Liz, Suzy, Sox, and Deb for your time, beautiful work, love, and friendship. A keepsake to treasure always...

Please click on the photos for enlarged detail. Thanks.

Liz (Oregon) did page on the right.
Gorgeous fine details.

Liz with open spread and pocket.
Also, below left with freeform stitching.

Suzy (Australia) on right and bottom left.
Extremely proficient at collage and layering.

Deb (Idaho) on right and bottom left.
Beautiful images, lace, and collage.

Teri (New York) right and bottom left.
Went to actual museums to take the photos.
Trip to garment district for lace. Gorgeous.

Sox (Canada/California) several spreads.
Top right, bottom left, triptych and triptych back.
Had an idea and brought it to fruition.
The beaded brooch her own work, also.

My pages (on right and the remainder below).
ATCs done pre-books to show our intended theme.

Another transfer under dark ATC pocket.

Under flap is a "Blessing" pouch with two DiVinci transfers.


teri said...

So happy to see the final results, Karen. It's an absolute treasure!

Miriam said...

Karen, this is amazing. What a wonderful treasure.

Roxanne Clingman said...

Nice work. What a great collaborative effort. Good to be in contact again. Hugs. Roxanne

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

My word ... so much work and love went into this magnificent piece of art. What a great idea to send it around and work together on a final product. I am very impressed. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind words.

Andrea @ From the Sol

Chris Flynn said...

Hi Karen.... so nice to meet you today! (on my blog and now on yours!)I've followed Terri and Soc for quite a while and now I have you too! These pages are delicious! YUMMY! and very inspiring!
Glad we're connected!
Sweet Blessingss, Chris

Angi in hana said...

no words for this one, it is so incredible and special, what a lovely swap/ round robin to do! it seems everyone uses sewing machine but is hand stitching acceptable when you sign on for one of these? and is this photo transfer on fabric? the only reason i keep asking about transfer on fabric, is because i have never done this but have been wanting to real bad, especially now that i see your wonderful work! aloha, angi in hana

Jill OLeary said...

This book is absolutely amazing. What a great idea. The transfers are intriguing. One more thing to add to my must try list. This is so inspiring. Just beautiful...

Ava Gavloski said...

wow, karen, this is truly a work o art. i have made 1 lace album which was my experimental item, will be posting in october. thanks for sharing the deets, found you thru suzy.