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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PM1 Week1

     Whew... done with my on-line classes for the night and heading to watch "Voice" that I recorded on my DVR. Completed the first and third projects of Week 1 for Photo Magic. Two to go.

[remember for a larger view, you can click on the photos then click the back button to return]

Week 1, Project 3
selected flower from my original photo, enhanced image,
made a black background with various strokes

Week 1, Project 1
original was from Anchorage cemetery
straightened statue, enhanced image, masked

Usefulness of Techniques Learned in Retouching and Cleaning Up Photos
in reviewing would have done a little more
with the trees/sky above Milena's head...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Devin's BD

     Devin's Birthday Gathering... Daedra, at the last minute, decided to drive up and "surprise" Devin, Alicia, and CJ, bringing Dareena, Milena, and me along. I had planned on driving because Devin asked for his favorite meal -- which he is learning to make. We are now looking forward to "mixed" music because he received a "song mixing turntable and a fab subwoofer earphone set." A future DJ?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Granddaughters' Afternoon

     The granddaughters and I went for a walk to Soldotna Elementary; well, they rode my trike and I walked! Good exercise, regardless. Some fun in the sun... [transferred this video in em resolution which was small at 3MB, so not really very clear; the original out-of-the-camera was 40MB; I also saved it at 58MB HD which is awesome.] 

     The two below were taken with my iPhone4... uploaded to the computer, these were 14MB and 17MB respectively.  I'm not sure yet what the processing is or how it is done and what the final outcome equates to on the Blog. Hope you enjoy seeing the girls in action.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beading Uploaded

     Some of the beading is now uploaded and on the sub-Page... you are welcome to click on that tab if you wish.  Am sure that I have left off many items, especially those I gave away. Fortunately I had several photos even though they are not in my possession any longer. Hopefully, at some point I will find more hidden in my backup drives, lost to this soul.

     A lovely "depth-of-field" of three of my small beaded vessels and quarter page books in the background.  My cabinet has great lighting; if I can keep the shelving cleared, it looks even better!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book Arts Page

     Believe it or not! There are photos on my BookArts "sub-page"... Still a ways to go and I am working on the beading photos now.  It is so fun to see what I have accomplished -- I have forgotten many and know I will totally forget others. So, please have a "look" - click the Book Arts tab above.

[Was up at 5am this morning working on this post; must be the Summer Solstice, 
and all of our Alaskan light. Oh, my.]

One of several, on the BookArts Page

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tern Lake

     Always a picturesque spot, Tern Lake, at the turnoff to Seward or Kenai/Soldotna/Homer on the highway from Anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula... June 17th was a beautiful sunny day; Fish and Wildlife had a table set up with high powered camera/binoculars for tourists and locals to view birds or animals. Another beautiful trip to Anchorage. (06.17 photo)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stained Glass Evening 2

     What fun we had for the second session!  Three photos of the final evening follow: first is Karen's foiled glass ready to begin anchoring and soldering after "putting on the flux" (gotta be a song in there somewhere). It was a learning process for sure... second, Jaci's and Karen's completed "works of art" after soldering, squaring, putting frames around, adding rings and patina. Third was a "sweep" of the studio with Jaci and Sandy, moving no less - but, thankfully the photo turned out well.

     A special heartfelt "thanks" to Sandy (and, her husband Dick for his support and encouragement) for wonderful conversation, tips from her experience and training, a "vanilla decaf sugar-free blended chai", the warm caring instruction and wonderful final glass pieces we each took home!

(Remember, you can click on any photo; then hit the "back" button.)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stained Glass Evening 1

     My friend Jaci organized a two evening session with Sandy Stevens, Alaska Custom Stained Glass, to do a piece of our own "stained glass". Oh, my! We picked the same "beginning" lesson. Jaci chose a red theme to go with her home decor; I decided on green and a hint of purple, along with our other textured glasses.  Day one involved setup, cutting, and grinding/sanding. Day two will be the soldering. Should be interesting and fun. It is always exciting to try a different medium once in a while just to know and learn about that particular art form -- there is so much more involved in the making of any art and seeing how it comes to fruition. Below is a photo of one of Sandy's creations, taken in her studio; and, mine and Jaci's efforts, with the help of the instructor. 

Jaci's Beginning Stained Glass, Day 1

Karen's Beginning Stained Glass, Day 1

Jaci and Sandy, Cutting Glass

Sandy's Beautiful Salmon
(be sure to click on this photo; the larger size is amazing)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

     While having a lazy Sunday afternoon since the weather outside was rainy and windy, I decided to make cards from leftover photographs. Inspiration came from Catherine Anderson, who sent me a beautiful little card with a lovely candle photograph and an angel statue (photo) inside - a greeting to comfort me when Mom died. Today's cards were fun to reproduce in the same style. Catherine recently published the book that I mention in my sidebar; and, I am already finding that I am sending off photographs to FM (Fred Meyer) more often than I used to.  It is so quick and easy "on-line." With the advent of the digital camera, my photos for so long would simply remain on the computer. The book highlights a multitude of wonderful projects, a few I knew about and have done; but, I clearly appear to be more motivated because the photo use suggestions are all in one place with concise directions easily rendered. PSE hints are with each project, also. The book is beautifully written and Catherine's philosophy on photo taking and her compassion for encouraging others shows through. I am tempted to put tabs on various pages and make it a workbook! It will be well used.

Little "Shrine-like" Cards

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bear Badge?

     As many of you know, I am working part-time for Darla Springer (and, sometimes I know Darla believes it is very "part-time," since I have had a few obligations lately).  However, I am back at it. With the photos from the zoo, Darla thought the two playing bears, one with his/her eyes covered, would make a neat "label" for advertising.  So, I am working up a few drafts. 

Bear Covering His/Her Eyes

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kenai River

     This was just too "cool" to not post.  What a beautiful view; just wait until all the July red salmon "subsistence 'crazies' get here." Then, the photo gets really interesting.

The Mouth of the Kenai River

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sony Sweep - Test

     To test the Sony Sweep on my DSC-WX9, here goes! Had wanted this camera in Montana to take a pic of the valley; however, Best Buy didn't have it  (the one I had researched and selected). So, I tried another that took individual photos to put them together -- it wasn't a "sweep" and difficult to "line-up" with glare on the screen. So, that particular model was returned and this one ordered from B and H in NY "after my MT trip" and arrived last week. It takes great HD video that I did of the granddaughters' dance recital. Now, for further tests. Oh, yeah!

HD Panorama, My Apartment
(you can actually click on the photos, then click the "back" button)

Perhaps you would like to see the second half?

iPhone Case

     I know, this is too much! LOL -- But, had to do it!

Little Art Projects

     Just a couple of uploads to show two little projects done recently. The cloth bags with transfer images, felt, and cut out material were done for Nadine's Bliss Chicks group of six.  For that, also, I included a little bit of free-motion sewing on leftover photographs (discarded from a photojournal project) and cut out sunflowers, incorporating written transfers from canvas. It was fun to share some of my previous photojournal items, as shown in the grouping.  
     The other project was to make five little booklets for me, Jaci, and the three grandchildren (Devin, Dareena, and Milena), giving them photos from our trip to the Anchorage Zoo and visit with Alicia (en troupe) over the Memorial Day Weekend. Figured it might be a good idea to put clear mylar for protection as front and back "see through" covers. I included a title page listing what was to follow on the inside of the first page. Did the binding with a little "Zutter" machine instead of the Rubicoil. It worked very well. A bit time consuming, but fun, nonetheless.

The Bliss Chick Project

Anchorage Zoo Project

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

The Zoo and Other
Memorial Day Activities

     Enjoyed a Sunday and Monday with family in Anchorage, with Alicia, Devin, and CJ.  Daedra and Kevin drove to Chena Hot Springs north of Fairbanks on Saturday, leaving the granddaughters with Alicia for the weekend. My friend Jaci and I drove up Sunday morning and spent two nights with them, also.  Hope to connect with Jason and Lynette next time, as they went to their cabin south of the Talkeetna turnoff.  We had a fun time Sunday afternoon soaking up the sun and visiting the zoo.  Monday was a "down" day with the kids driving back to return to Soldotna.  Click "Pics of the Zoo and Memorial Day Activities" for photos on Facebook (FB). Just so you know -- once you are at FB, you can click and view the individual photos, also, with their captions. 

Montana Trip for Mother

McDonald Pass View (May 17, 2011)
Mother's Birthday

     I have only been home a week, but today was the very first day that I have been on the computer for personal use. And, I truly wish to get a couple links posted for photos that have been uploaded to FB (Facebook).  On May 13th, (Friday), my trip began with a drive to ANC with an overnight stay to catch an early flight the next morning to Seattle. Nadine, Deb, and Cara picked me up and we went immediately to a "paper, stamping, show" for the afternoon.  The next day Nadine, Owen, and I headed to MT with an overnight stay in Missoula. Monday was windy, but beautiful as we drove over McDonald Pass into Helena and completed Mother's final wishes to have a resting place overlooking the valley. We spent a couple of two nights with Aunt Verna with a drive and visits back to the pass, The Parrot, ate out once and "cooked in" with meatloaf and vegetables... can't wait to visit again. Left Wednesday morning and drove from Helena to Seattle, arriving in time for N/O to catch the hockey game. Then, a quick trip to Sechelt for a few days returning Tuesday to see Deb and Rocco again. Wednesday morning before I caught the next airplane flight we had dim sum in Chinatown and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Click "Our Trip to Montana for Mother" to view the photos. Thanks.