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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Busy Bees

     Photos taken last night on my walk around the neighborhood.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kenai Sunset

     Friend Chris Nees inspired me (with her beautiful sunset photo in Cooper Landing last night) to drive to the Kenai River Flats at the Bridge Access Road pull-off to view tonights sunset, especially since there are predictions of rain. The sunset photos were taken at 940pm looking toward Kenai; the moon taken at 950pm looking the opposite direction. Good chance to see how this lens is working.

Kenai Sunset
(As always, click on the photo for a larger view.)

Man in the Moon

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ninilchik Fair Weekend

     Weekend in a few photos... took a little drive Friday to Kenai for necessary shopping and a pass thru "Old Towne" Kenai - for a quick "snap" of the Old Russian Church... always a favorite photo shoot.
     Saturday Jason was able to visit from Anchorage in between fishing and working; then the girls and I took a trip to the Ninilchik Fair; and, in between I made cookies for all - Jason delivered some to Anchorage. 
     Alicia and crew were to travel down this weekend for a Homer respite, but plans needed to be rescheduled because of medical problems. Had to put in a photo of them (shadows) from the weekend before.
     How lucky for me to see all of them within a weeks span!

Old Russian Orthodox Church

(will do a Pinterest Pin for this cookie - everyone liked them)
iPhone Capture

Friday, August 17, 2012

Selective Color

     Received my "Selective Color" collaborative book in the mail yesterday when I returned home from work... what an inspiration! Today I "especially" wish to share the wonderfully creative spine binding Catherine chose to weave with sari ribbon. 
     For this project we had 31 front and back pages (62 single views) from artists across the US and Canada. Quite the variety of entries. Usually the projects are non-software-manipulative, encouraging improvement in our photo taking skills - but, this one and our "inverse" (the next project) obviously have photo software enhancements.
     Kudos to Catherine for instigating, gathering, coordinating, punching, assembling, and then mailing... sheesh - what a job! 
     You are welcome to check out Catherine's website by clicking "Listening for the Whisperings" in my sidebar.

Selective Color Photo Art Journal

Karen's Front Page Contribution

Karen's Back Page Contribution

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

55-210 Sony Zoom

     These are the first five photos taken with my new 55-210 Sony Zoom on a Sony Nex 7. The everyday lens is on backorder. I quickly left at 930pm (after charging the battery) to take a few snaps at the flower beds across from the hospital. Decided that I have a bit to learn on this camera; but, these are SOOC with no cropping or enhancing. I am pleased with them and anxious to take more photos - the camera should do well with scenery. For now I will keep the "point and shoot" for macros. Please click on the photos for a better view. Thank you.

Pink Lily


Onion Heads or Pin Cushions

Pink Flowers

Yellow Lily

Monday, August 13, 2012

Card from Liz

     This lovely little 3"x3" (folded from one piece of paper) card arrived in my mailbox after I returned home Saturday from the Seward Regatta. What a nice surprise! Thought you would enjoy the artistic work.

Card from Liz in Oregon

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Seward Saturday Regatta

Spawning Salmon near Tern Lake, Alaska

     OK, this isn't the regatta... but, I "am" getting there, literally, driving... The album on FB is actually of my Saturday and "going to/from" (including rowing competition) the Tail of the Bear Regatta in Seward, about 102 miles away from my home. The trip includes passing the "Y" which is the intersection of road to ANC or Seward from the Kenai area. Or, from ANC to Seward or Homer/Soldotna/Kenai. It has always been a favorite rest stop. Tern Lake and Cooper Landing photos are from this area, also. Follow the link below to view the album. Thanks for visiting. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday Flowers / Evening Yogurt

     My 65th Birthday began at 830am at Louie's in Kenai with dear friends Edna and Jaci. Edna said I couldn't complain about my age because she is 85! Edna is an avid reader and gave me "At Home on the Range" written in 1947 (the year of my birth) by Elizabeth Gilbert's Great-Grandmother Margaret Yardley Potter, who was a cooking columnist for the Wilmington Star. It is going to be a fascinating read with great recipes.
     Then off to work for several hours and 1pm lunch with Daedra - I still have a half sandwich left for tomorrow.
     When I returned to the office flowers were awaiting my arrival from Nadine and Owen (my sister and brother-in-law in Canada) - Dae had done the footwork and ordered them from Tammy's. You can see from the photos how beautiful they are.
     After work I had a little respite and then an enjoyable evening with the granddaughters who came over to visit while Dae did some practice rowing for a competition this Saturday in Seward. The girls and I took a two mile walk and had a treat at the Beary Yogurt.
     Many thanks to all my dear friends and family for the well wishes and greetings on this special milestone birthday.
     Love and hugs to all. 

Please click on the photos for an enlarged view.

1965 Turns 65

      Amazing - I am now 65 years-of-age! And, I graduated in 1965. Rather cool actually! (However, I sure didn't think about it at age 17.)
     Below is a photo of a lovely bracelet that I wear daily. Daedra started it off several years ago at Christmas with the bracelet and the "yin/yang" (my t'ai chi) bead. Alicia and I have added to it several times.
     Last Sunday Alicia, CJ, and Devin gave me two beautiful keepsakes - the round bead with gold dragonflies commemorates my 65th year (it also reminds me of my retirement trip to China); and, the lovely "open lace" to the right of the black/white "yin/yang" is a reminder of the completion of my lacebook. Each bead expresses some significance or positive passage in my life. I am so thankful for all that I have: my faith, my three children with their families, my friends and my health.

My "Pandora"

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nees' Bees

     Took a "wee" rest stop in Cooper Landing on my way home from Anchorage this afternoon and visited with Christa and David Nees... they showed me their beautiful gardens and the work they are doing around the house. I would be snapping photos most of the time if I were there! Took just a few of the vegetable green house/garden and then some of bees with my Sony "point and shoot" today. 
     Thanks for the lovely respite from the heavy traffic, Chris. Anytime you want to do a photo shoot, I can be there in an hour! Smiles!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kenai Fjords Cruise

     The Kenai Fjords Cruise out of Seward was amazing! My oldest daughter, Alicia; friend Judy Reynolds and her daughter Susan with her two daughters, Jaden and Kaiya; and, I arrived within a few hours of each other the night of the 30th. We stayed at the Ciri Windsong Lodge on Exit Glacier Road - had a fabulous meal, visited for a while, and tried to get some sleep before the big day.
     Up and off in the morning to the parking lot and shuttle for registration. A near miss almost had us on two different boats - LOL - we were in separate lines and didn't realize there were two 8 hour trips. Minutes before departure we reconnected! What a hoot.
     Prediction was for rain, but we lucked out and had sun most of the trip even though hats and gloves were needed if we were on deck.
     All of us took photos and these are a small representation of mine - I snapped 238 digitals and immediately threw 65 in the garbage! It was hard for me to focus as the boat was rocking and some were just not up-to-par in resolution. Anxious to see Alicia, Susan, and Judy's collections.
     Hopefully you will be able to view the video I am uploading and then there is a link below it to a public area for my album on Facebook.

Humpback Whale Tail, 30 seconds
(this is the same resting whale in the photographs on FB)