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Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Again

Home Again
     Returned to the Kenai Peninsula a week ago noon today. So much going on that I have been unable to do any "art" projects. And, I have so much I truly wish to accomplish in that area. I posted "links" to photos uploaded to my Facebook area, however; so, if you click here to reach the "Photography" Page... you can peruse some of my travels. I must admit it is good to be home to a bit cooler weather.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Canning Sockeye Salmon
     Couldn't resist the temptation to post my evening activity... canning from yesterday's outing. The excursion produced 12 half-pint and one one-pint jars from two good 7lb-ish salmon. We are so blessed in having this opportunity. And, it gives great "photo ops."

     And, after.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kenai Fishing

Fishing on the Kenai
     Check out the "Photography" bar at the top of the Home Page for a link to a few photos of the 2010 fishing season on the Kenai River. The influx of people has certainly slowed and the mass exodus will occur this weekend! We can safely maneuver the parking lots again.

Monday, July 26, 2010

First Substrate

Literally, Just Playing Around
     The weekend progressed a bit differently than expected; had my two granddaughters with me for an overnighter. We had a great time and I have one "enhanced" photo to include of my oldest granddaughter jumping rope. Marie (our on-line instructor) gave us a lovely bonus package of a few of her own masks, layers, frames, and brushes. It will be totally awesome to try them. The one I included here is of a notebook page with lines; I also included a layer from Lennie Locken of her own paste paper and a couple of other layers with some edging tones; then, as you can tell, a rounded corner cut out completed the modifications. I did not "compose" on this piece; i.e., adding different elements. 

First Substrate on Handmade Paper
     Sunday afternoon provided a little playtime for "me." I made a substrate from one of my handmade papers and printed with dye ink on an HP printer. The final product turned out nicely. At some point I'll be trying a lot of different substrates and playing with more images on a pigment ink printer.

Cardstock carrier, "interference violet" under painting,
two coats of clear digital grounds.

Friday, July 23, 2010

This Blog Stuff

     Having too much fun! I continue to modify the blog areas until I feel comfortable. If you check out the "Digital Art" area and click on the "Flickr" link, a nice sized slide show should present itself, for future reference! Hope I can duplicate that effort again with a different set of photos. So, until I learn a better means of posting a "gallery" then this will suffice.
     Am hoping to work with making and printing on acrylic substrates this weekend. Totally looking forward to that!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Took a Year!

Goodness, guess I really am that slow!
     Began this blog almost a year ago (my birthday) and am just posting.
     Currently, I am taking a "Grunge Digital Magic" on-line class, instructed by Marie Otero -- she and the students are extremely talented and gifted women - who have inspired, supported, and given me the desire for a place to journal and log my own art. Otherwise, my images would get lost in the hard drive somewhere even I could not find!
     Thus comes this blog and my first upload. The photo was taken while I was visiting my sister and her husband who were on holiday for a month in Sedona, Arizona.
The Tower, Grand Canyon South Entrance, Dec 2009, Enhanced Original