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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Clothes Sorted - Continued

     Here are final photos; finished with clothes "tidying up." Woah; two days in and "fun" turned into "work" - LOL. Had to continue since I had such a mess. Is definitely worth it! Imagine that I "sparked joy" in more pieces than necessary, but I only have a 637 sqft apartment with a small bedroom and only 1/2 closet space - the other half houses mixed media art supplies. Am sure more items will be discarded as time passes.

     Books are next, then documents, then the "komono" (miscellaneous), and mementos. Once I have completed I will be giving away the "book" that explains how to do this method. Hugs.


Sheryl said...

Hi Karen,
I think I should definately follow your example, my sewing supplies are gradually taking up my wardrobe space, cupboard and drawer spaces and even under the bed space :-(

Nadine Wong said...

FABULOUS! Very impressive indeed.

Darla said...

Lookin' good over there. I know hard it has been for you. I'm facing it now too. Keep up the good work, but don't over do.

suziqu's thread works said...

I bet you are feeling a whole lot lighter having done this exercise Karen! Jeff and I are doing the same with all our outdoor and garden stuff at the moment. It feels good to lighten the load.
Hey guess what? I am teaching my first on-line fabric lacebook/journal through Creative Workshops! How neat is that?

Sending many Birthday hugs and well wishes to you Karen,

Love and hugs,