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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Portals (Photoartjournal)

     This was a must to finish today and get mailed off tomorrow to North Carolina because I have a major "book donation project" for live auction to complete by the 26th and am away this weekend! Oh, my... my heart is definitely wanting to complete the book, though... so all is good!
     Meanwhile, here is my contribution to the Photoartjournal Project (Yahoo Groups) with Catherine Anderson. Catherine wanted us to try one of the projects from her new book -- each of us will make 26 originals using our own unaltered photography and then we will receive 25 different ones and our own returned - you are welcome to click on her link in the sidebar and see the book which is beautifully written; and, it's like sitting down with her and having a conversation. Very fun read! 


Jeanne said...

Karen I did buy her new book after I heard you talk about it and i simply love it. Such a wonderful book! Thanks so much! Looks like you have done a very fun project. Will have to check out that project.... guess I could find out more about it on her blogsite?? Nice post!

Joanne Huffman said...

Love this. I have to get mine done this week-end.