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Thursday, November 10, 2011

All Veterans, Thank You


     Forty-four years ago I received this photo from Vietnam, I think (but hope to be corrected if I am wrong). With a little bit of help from CS5 the fading was sharpened and some of the white spots were removed. I don't do restoration, but thought it turned out better. My kids' father is the only "family member or relative" I have photos of in military uniform (whether dress or fatigues). Tilford (my step-Dad) and Matt (my nephew-in-law) have photos, but I don't have copies; something I hope to remedy soon.

Roger, thank you.

Dad, thank you.
Matt, thank you.
Christine, thank you.
Lonnie, thank you.
Chuck, thank you.
Nancy, thank you.
Steve, thank you. 
And, all other loved ones, I may not know who served,


A.Knotts said...

Mom this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! I love you! :)

Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautiful post this is Karen!
Thank you!