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Saturday, December 3, 2011

First Reconciliation

     Daedra, Dareena and Milena just stopped by and got a "to go" chai latte with frothed milk (for Dae, of course). LOL; they have lots more to accomplish today.
     Miss Milena is anxious to see her pics on my Blog site... smiles. There was a miscommunication and I didn't know that family could have attended the gathering this morning (across the street, no less) for the momentous occasion. But, alas, it is past. These were taken by Dae with her phone using a FxCam application. Ruthann made the beautiful keepsake shawl.


Unknown said...

Miss Milena is such a cutie!!!!!
Chris :o)

Alaskandae said...

Millies first reconsiliation!!!! Priceless!