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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Home Again

     Returned Sunday at 5pm; worked yesterday and work today - THEN, I can hopefully play "catch up" with my Blog and posts that I need to put up on the lovely gifts from the Blog Party that were awaiting me.
     Meanwhile, wish to share the start of the WURM hat (on Ravelry) with the fabulous Madeline Tosh yarn purchased in Palm Springs while on holiday... gorgeous yarn.

WURM (double brim almost completed)
photo taken with iPhone5


Acorn to Oak said...

Welcome home! I hope you had a great trip. I look forward to your posts about it. That's pretty yarn and the start to your hat looks very nice. Have a great day!

Tanya said...

Have a happy week - can't wait to hear about travels, gifts, and see the progression of this killer hat! Tanya

Shane Pollard said...

Welcome back Karen!
We all love to go away but isn't it good to get HOME!!!
Love the yarn - and beautiful knitting - I've never heard the term Wurm before!!!
Shane ♥

Terri said...

Beautiful knitting! I love this color and pattern. Isn't yarn just the yummiest thing!
Welcome home from your trip. Hope it was a good one.

Unknown said...

That looks like such a nice soft yarn Karen!! Glad your back home safe and sound.
Happy knitting!
Chris :o)

Susan said...

Beautiful yarn! I will have to investigate that pattern! Welcome back!

Liz Deck said...

THAT is beautiful yarn!!!!!

yaya said...

Welcome home and I love the yarn colors!

Diana Seal said...

Welcome home, hope you had a great trip!!! What beautiful yarn, can't wait to see it finished!
Have a great week!

teri said...

is that color aubergine? Lovely.

My Garden Diaries said...

I so like that yarn! Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Quinn said...

Love the colors in that yarn!