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Monday, May 20, 2013

In the Cupboard

     Must share this with you; the photo is just too darn cute! My youngest daughter, Daedra, who turns 35 soon (on the left) and her friend Laurie were helping me clear out my cupboards for my ANC move to live with my oldest daughter, Alicia... so... they had me take a pic of them sharing a toast with a bit of Chambord Liqueur they found.

(taken with one of their phones and posted on FB - LOL)


Paula said...

Cute! I hope your move goes well!

Anonymous said...

Karen, your daughter is such a cutie! Ummm, forgive the stupid question but what is ANC stand for? Or did I read that wrong, hmmm, I had emergency dental surgery yesterday and the pain killers are making typing, OK, even thinking a bit challenging right now! LOL!
Well, whatever ANC stands for I hope your move goes without a hitch, and you get settle in to your new home quickly!
Beth P

Tanya said...

You do NOT have a daughter who's 35! HAPPY Tuesday, Karen - XOXO

Donna said...

They are so cute! Can I have a glass too, LOL?

And you're moving? I don't know what ANC means, so I am befuddled. I hope the move goes smoothly!

Ivy, Phyllis and Me! said...

Good Afternoon Karen, Like everyone else I do not know what ANC means, is it to do with housing.
How lovely that your daughter and her friend helped you clear your cupboards and that they found a little reward.
My mother is 83 years this year and we are hoping that she will come and live with us. At the moment she is enjoying her independence and does not want to make the move. But she knows we are there when she needs us.
I hope the packing is going well.
Best wishes

Vicki Boster said...

Karen-- the pic is cute-- your daughter is beautiful! You're moving???? When and where?


Vicki Boster said...

Karen- your daughter is lovely-- cute picture!

I must know about this move-- when-- where????

Love you-

kareninkenai said...

Smiles - a little bit on overload packing; ANC is for Anchorage, 140 miles north of my beautiful Kenai of 43 years. Will always enjoy the drive to/from either way. Hugs. Karen