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Monday, December 9, 2013

'PAGES' - My Red Page Spread

     Very lovely six page spread in "Pages" - a publication of Cloth Paper Scissors. When Catherine sent us the Email a few days ago (previous post, one back), I wondered which page they chose of my submissions to Catherine. It turns out that my "red page spread" was highlighted; however, the name under the photo is incorrect, though you are able to see my signature on the page (I hope) - haven't seen the hard copy yet.
     The red page was a fun one to do and one of my favorites; we had nine participants for that particular book. Thought you might like to see some of the prep work (since I have photos, of course - LOL). With 15 different squares and the mylar/transparency, there was a little more work; and, made use of my photography skills, too.
      Thanks to Catherine for all her hard work in hosting the collaborative over the five year process, submitting the books for publication; and to the other contributors and especially to my sister who also participated and invited me to the group. 


LKrome said...

What a visual delight. Blessings on your art work, it is wonderful.

polkadotpeticoat said...

I love the red pages...there beautiful!!! Heidi

Susan said...

So creative! Beautiful!!!