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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Packing Again

     The photo says it all and what I have been doing for several weeks. Just hoping my neck/back hold up for the move - I will downsize and unpack rather slowly since Feb 8 - March 8 will be spent in Canada with Nadine and Owen. 
     A quick "retreat" planned a year ago with Lacebook Collaborative friends in Palm Springs (Jan 29-Feb 2) and a side trip to Sun City to see MRE retirees will provide a little warmth and sun to my bones!


Anonymous said...

Karen, not again?! You are going to be an expert packer if you keep this up! :D I haven't been around for sometime, fibro and just general winter malaise. I hope all of your trips are wonderful and give you some much deserved relaxation time!
Hugs and take care of that back,
Beth P
P.S. I moved blogs and am now over at http://elisabetpollockstudio.wordpress.com Hope you'll follow me over there

Vicki Boster said...

Bless your heart-- I wish you the best with your move-- and safe travels:)

Mom E. said...

What a good time you will have doing lacebooks!
I have yet to learn how to make one, but I
d really like to! Someday I will!
Have a great trip!