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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015 Palm Springs Trip

     Trip to Palm Springs this year commenced on Feb 3rd (all day travel, arriving at 1015pm) and ended with return to Anchorage at 3pm and overnighter with Alicia and family on the 19th (all day travel again, leaving PSP at 8am). Didn't take as many photos at I anticipated and only brought my iPhone6 with me. But, was able to capture a few snaps for sure. I did not alter any of the photos shown but may take a few into CS6... and, some were taken by others - lol - if I am in the photo! Enjoy.

(As always, click on the pics for a larger view. Hugs)

First stop on the 4th was Rubios with Nadine; doing errands. 

Here are a couple of pics from Nadine and Owen's
rented 5th wheel, this year staying at Two Springs
about eight miles down the hill from Hidden Springs, DHS.

A group of approximately 16 of us visited Integratron,
up the valley from PSP. We had a special "sound" session
and it was an enlightening and fun outing.
Visit the link below for more information.

I divided my time between Two Springs and Hidden Springs;
sleeping at Hidden Springs and enjoying the amenities of both
places for the pool and aerobics (HS), hot tub (HS),
tai chi (TS), the Iler Cup Golf Tournament that
Nadine and Owen participated in with dinner conclusion (HS),
and many other gatherings 
(Appie Hours, picnics and karaoke).
Thank you to all the hosts and hostesses for the many invites
that included me along with Nadine and Owen,
great food and fun times.

There were two movie outings each with eats afterward:
The Most Violent Year 

Here's a pic of Nadine teaching, the
T'ai Chi Yang Long Form (the Terence Dunn way), first third of form.
Nadine graciously asked me to help a few times.

Of course, a very special "Thank You"...
to June, Charlotte, and Char
(for putting me up in sleeping accommodations)
pictured here at our special ribs, my Mom's mac and cheese,
and Charlotte's divine lemon meringe pie dinner...

Was able to connect with Sox (Socrates), a friend
I met in 1999 at a workshop in Medford, OR, along with
a mutual friend Liz... we have had good times together
doing three lacebook collaboratives the last few years.
Sox has a special showing at the Lon Michels Gallery in PSP.
Her paintings (shown right in photo of me and Todd Olsen) 
and jewelry are showcased at the gallery.

And, finally, Joshua Tree National Park... 
Yes, I was knitting in the sun/shade; covered up but
have a camisole under - forgot my sunscreen!

Fabulous Trip...

The San Andreas Fault (1/3 from top of photo below).


Debby said...

Looks like a fun trip for sure.

Threadpainter said...

Nice to see pics of your holiday ! Lots of sun & WARMTH ! ;)

Curtains in My Tree said...

I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog.
What a great trip all your pictures shows
You look so refreshed and you look good in the sun hun
Those pictures are warm and sunny and I got 8 inches of snow yesterday.love it
Seems like everybody in blog land knows somebody from Oregon LOL

carry on