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Friday, July 23, 2010

This Blog Stuff

     Having too much fun! I continue to modify the blog areas until I feel comfortable. If you check out the "Digital Art" area and click on the "Flickr" link, a nice sized slide show should present itself, for future reference! Hope I can duplicate that effort again with a different set of photos. So, until I learn a better means of posting a "gallery" then this will suffice.
     Am hoping to work with making and printing on acrylic substrates this weekend. Totally looking forward to that!


Lost Aussie said...

This blog is coming along nicely! You are getting lots of bells and whistles hanging off the edges!

Karen Burns said...

Hi. I'm a follower, but the photo came out looking pretty darned yucky. I will have to change that when I have time......Great work on the blog so far. Fun, huh?