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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cribbage in Kenai

     Decided to drive to the Kenai Senior Center to see how rusty I am at cribbage, to gather with a group that has been playing for many years. I was very active but hadn't played now for about a year and a half. Really enjoyed the afternoon; 9 games in three hours (3-6pm). When I was statistician we were playing as a Grass Roots group as part of ACC (American Cribbage Congress). For those who are fond of the game and want to compete in tournaments, there is a website you can link to here: American Cribbage Congress (ACC) - In fact this weekend is an Open Tournament in Reno where over a thousand crib players meet for games and prizes. I was invited to the Tournament of Champions (part of the weekend) 3 years ago and had three years to participate... this was my last chance to compete in that tournament, but instead I am traveling to visit family and friends for two weeks on February 22nd in Palm Springs. Visit the website if you are interested because there are tournaments in various cities across the United States and Canada.
     We were able to view a lovely sunset just before finishing today.


hannah said...

You've got me smiling :-)
And I can do with that, believe me: it is so..cold that I sit here with a hotwater bottle under my indoor coat.
Do you play?

Hootin Anni said...

I haven't played cribbage in years!! My dad and I used to play quite often. Now, I'm wondering if we still even have a cribbage board. Sounds like fun.

And.......your Joie de Vivre is absolutely gorgeous. Love the colors in your art work.

Lisa Gordon said...

I have never played cribbage.
This sure looks like a fun gathering!

teri said...

Have to admit I've never played either. Looks like you need cards and some sort of board. I used to love playing Pinochle, though. Hmmm...have to google cribbage.

Unknown said...

I used to play all the time, I really loved the game. It's been so long, I'm not sure I remember how LOL!
Have a great trip!!
Chris :o)

Sandy's witterings said...

An ex taught me to play cribbage a few years ago (you get something out of every relationship (actually she's still a good and very essential friend)) and it is really the best card game I've ever found. Such a shame it's played so little now - the internet isn't the same as holding the cards and having the board, so it's great you've got a club to play it at :)