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Monday, June 18, 2012

LB Completed - Yeah!

     We are on schedule for completion of our Lacebook RR; it took about six months from beginning to end. If photos come my way of the other five, I will post the covers and spines on my Mixed Media Page. Other photos are on that page also. This one weighs 3# and has a 4.5" spine width. 
     Thanks for your support, love, and patience following this to fruition.

"Creme de la Resistance" - The Spine

Karen's LB Completed Cover

Cover Tie Detail

Double Corded "Open Bag"

Double Corded "Closed" Bag


Nadine Wong said...
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Nadine Wong said...

Karen, the bag is simplistically beautiful. Great choice for a book with such amazing detail. Elegant. Hugs

Sherri B. said...

Karen, your Lacebook is absolutely beautiful! All that beautiful lace/texture takes my breath away. Thanks for your comment on my blog - and I don't blame you a bit for holding out for the iPhone 5! :)

Sherri B. said...

P.S. I forgot to add: I'm so happy to be in Kim and Xanthe's class with you!

Diane said...

Absolutely beautiful Karen!! xo

Diana said...

Lovely blog. Met you over at Reflection of YOU.