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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

55-210 Sony Zoom

     These are the first five photos taken with my new 55-210 Sony Zoom on a Sony Nex 7. The everyday lens is on backorder. I quickly left at 930pm (after charging the battery) to take a few snaps at the flower beds across from the hospital. Decided that I have a bit to learn on this camera; but, these are SOOC with no cropping or enhancing. I am pleased with them and anxious to take more photos - the camera should do well with scenery. For now I will keep the "point and shoot" for macros. Please click on the photos for a better view. Thank you.

Pink Lily


Onion Heads or Pin Cushions

Pink Flowers

Yellow Lily

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Beautiful Karen!!!! So much fun to get a new camera, enjoy! Can't believe it's already halfway through August....
Hurry and get more flower photos before the cold sets in!!!!!
Chris :o)