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Friday, August 17, 2012

Selective Color

     Received my "Selective Color" collaborative book in the mail yesterday when I returned home from work... what an inspiration! Today I "especially" wish to share the wonderfully creative spine binding Catherine chose to weave with sari ribbon. 
     For this project we had 31 front and back pages (62 single views) from artists across the US and Canada. Quite the variety of entries. Usually the projects are non-software-manipulative, encouraging improvement in our photo taking skills - but, this one and our "inverse" (the next project) obviously have photo software enhancements.
     Kudos to Catherine for instigating, gathering, coordinating, punching, assembling, and then mailing... sheesh - what a job! 
     You are welcome to check out Catherine's website by clicking "Listening for the Whisperings" in my sidebar.

Selective Color Photo Art Journal

Karen's Front Page Contribution

Karen's Back Page Contribution

1 comment:

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh my goodness Karen that looks amazing - I love the binding!
What a lovely idea you have chosen for your pages here!
Love and hugs,