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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lacebook Binding Tutorial

     After the "Blog Party," I had a few questions from followers regarding the binding of my Mary Lacebook. In sending answers to questions, I pulled a few photos together and wrote a "quick and dirty" basic tutorial, mainly visual. I am sure there may be gaps and hopefully not too much left out. Remember this is only one method of many.
     I began my book passion journey in 1998 and had a wonderful mentor in Susan Joy Share after my first general Japanese bound book for a college photography class; all of my books at that time were paper journals with varying techniques in binding, from this modified basic method to more difficult patterns.
     The "Mary Lacebook" is my first journey with the use of fabric and the collaborative was made up of five fabulous artists - and, myself!
     A couple of notations: I wanted three buttons per signature, however one signature has only two buttons and was of lighter weight so it worked out. I punched my outside spine holes with a Japanese screw punch; an eyelet punch will work just as well.
     Thanks for your interest. Hope this helps with questions; please know you are welcome to Email me for further details if you wish.  
[Click on the photos below for details and ability to read the notes.] 


Nikki said...

That looks amazing!

I'm just stopping by to say hi - I've been away from my blog for a while but now I'm back with promises to be a better blogger!

I'm so impressed by that book!

Chris Flynn said...

Oh KaREN... this is beautiful. Such an elegant way to bind your book! Thanks for the tutorial! I love to see your work up close.
hugs to you

Anonymous said...

Karen you are such a sweetheart! Thanks bunches for doing this... I can't wait to get to work on one of my own books!
Giant Hugs,
Beth P

Christina Paul said...

Your work is just exquisite! So jealous - I can't sew a stitch!

Holly said...

This is very neat! Thank you for sharing.