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Friday, March 15, 2013

Different Medium...

     OK - about time I move on to my lacebook collaborative this weekend. But, have to finish birthday knitting today. Yeah, two more BDs within the next two weeks. 
     LB spread due end of month. Pulling out that smoked moose hide and the beads for picot so I can visualize pages! Yeah!


suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Karen my friend,
You have been having fun with those clicking needles as far as I can see - did enjoy viewing you wearing that staircase scarf - great photo!
Now back to your next passion.
Looking forward to seeing these!
Hugs and love,

camp and cottage living said...

What are you making with your smoked moose hide?
I have one that was givin to me as a gift from someone from Cat Lake, Ontario.
All of the Dene slippers in our gallery were made from smoked moose hide too. Thw womens were priced at$250. on up, and mens started at $315.

teri said...

I love those colors.

I'm ready to work on my next lacebook, too!

Unknown said...

You are such a busy girl!!!!!
Chris :o)