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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mixed Media Feb/March

     Will catalog the last several weeks of mixed media creations (or attempts thereof, lol) since the end of January. 
     While in Canada, Nadine and I co-taught a book making class on "coptic stitch binding" to eight lovely artists... had a lot of fun and it worked out well with two of us teaching. Completed two coptic bound books for myself and made a coptic book to present to my "blog winner" who lives in White Rock just before crossing the border into the U.S. 
[Please see March 14 blog post.]
     During the Olympics and other times while Nadine was busy, I knitted - three hat/fingerless mitt sets, one cowl, and an additional fingerless mitt pair (all gifts). When I returned home I whipped out a dishcloth (because I needed one for the kitchen with my recent move) and a Windschief Blue beanie that has been sent to my sister Deb in Seattle; and, began Owen's socks. 
     Nadine and I played around with jewelry making for a short time when she made a pair of earrings and used a new tool I told her about - the cup bur. It is so much handier than steel wool to smooth the tip of earring wires so they don't cut into the skin. I totally suggest it and brought an extra one home for myself.
     What a beautiful studio Nadine has to work in, providing many hours of entertainment - happy hours making art, doing random acts of kindesses, and pay-it-forwards... or creating books for donation, setting up brochures, helping with cooking classes, presenting on bookarts to fiber artists - you name it - very talented - all this in the month of March.
(Can you tell - I miss the time we had together.)

Photo below reiterates my March 15th detailed post...


Ida said...

Sounds as if you've been quite busy but enjoying your trips. It was fun seeing what you've been up to lately.

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh my goodness Karen
Perhaps you need to venture out with those trips more often. I am amazed at what you have achieved in the last couple of months.
Love the coptic stitched book, all your hats and gloves and Liz's Lacebook pages. Fantastic!
Go girl!
Love and hugs,

Unknown said...

Am in awe of all that you were able to create. Would have loved to be there to learn how to make the coptic stitched book. I want to learn how to make and use my own journals rather than store bought ones. Wonderful, inspiring post!