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Friday, March 14, 2014

Whirlwind Synopsis

     This will be a fairly whirlwind synopsis of my January 29th - March 8th trip to Canada via short stays in Palm Springs, Sun City, and Seattle. 
     There is so much that is left out including wonderful visits with Ken and Judi Piepgras, Merle and Jacki Jones; movies and concerts; Nadine and Owen's many special friends in Canada; trips to the yarn shops and scrapbooking stores for stencils to work with gelli plates; t'ai chi qigong with Leslie; knitting/arts with Krista; suppers and/or gatherings with Pam (meeting Adam and Aaron), Pete and Kaye, Joan and Art, Deane and Geordie, John and Barb, Sandy; shower by candlelight when electricity was off; just enjoying Nadine and Owen by the fire at night and watching the Canadian Olympic special tributes and events... and, my kids in Anchorage and at home taking care of my place and vehicle.  
     A very special thanks to all those mentioned below and those not mentioned who made my month extra special.

Just so you know - if you click on the photos you get a better viewing.
All photos were pretty much shot with camera-in-hand iPhone5.

Palm Springs Lacebook Participants Retreat at Sox's Studio/Home.
Liz, Sox, Deb (and I) thrift shopping, making art, 
relaxing in the hot tub, and having Thai spring rolls.

Visit with Sara, Matt and Aidan in Arizona
[No photos of fabulous time with friends
Ken, Judi, Jacki, Merle, et. al.]

One night in Seattle with Sister Deb and Rocco...
woke up to snow for trip to Canada.

Gelli Plate Printing

Afternoon with the Beautiful Divas
[and, a special treat to three selections]
A very special "Thank You."

Very fun co-teaching "the coptic" with Nadine.

Surprise! Carole was the winner of my Blog Giveaway
and she lives in White Rock, Canada - the handmade book above was
given to her on my return trip when Nadine and Owen
drove me back to the States on March 5.

Talaysay Tourism Networking Event
at the Sechelt Nation Longhouse.

Ron and Owen performing at the Halfmoon Bay Cafe.

Certainly didn't have to return to Alaska for more snow;
this taken in Halfmoon Bay, Nadine and Owen's homefront.

Photos of Niece Cara, me and Nadine
at the Gumboot (w/Owen) for breakfast.

A cool tool - Hiya Hiya Puppy (very small scissors).

Decorated Hot Cocoa during a "fun" visit -
you know who you are!

Vancouver, heading to U.S., quick chat and lunch with
Luke, Jennifer, and Mark Higgs.

Deb and I got a "selfie" just before heading to Sea/Tac
for my trip home.
[We had a great three evenings and a shopping trip
for yarn for Deb's Hat and Owen's Socks.]

2pm - short stop to watch Miss Milena during 
the Arctic Gymnastics Meet - great score!

Turnagain Summit - 345pm - almost back in Kenai.
Seattle, Anchorage, Kenai 
8am-8pm (after grocery shopping) on March 8.

Almost forgot - had to knit this the last couple of days.
Also, completed two lacebook pages and will post
after returning from Anchorage.
On the "road" tomorrow!


Paula said...

Wow! What a whirlwind trip! Love the pictures and that scarf is gorgeous!

Nonna Rose said...

Looks like a great trip. My daughter lives in Anchorage, but soon will be moving to Palmer. We visited in 2013, might visit again this summer, it is so beautiful in Alaska!