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Saturday, January 10, 2015

1963 Treat - Ammonia Cookies

     My girlfriend, Cathy Schroeder, and I used to make these cookies in 1963 - we were juniors in high school at the time. Today I am making them for a "Mad Men 50's and 60's - Glamorous" themed party and though I may not be dressing as "glamorous" as some, I can contribute thematically! (Smiles.) Cathy died at the age of 47 and I had fond memories today of our times together. 

     In 1971 (here in Kenai) I used to buy the ammonia spirits liquid from Georgia at Carrs pharmacy when it was located at the now Malston's. 2015, when I went looking around town, I could not find it, so ordered a powder form called Ammonium Carbonate (Bakers Ammonia) to make these today... A half batch made approximately 40 cookies and since I made the decision to eliminate refined sugar from my diet, I only had one! [Whew! And, it was melt in your mouth goodness. LOL]

     An aside, I have so much to "put up" on this blog and have sciatica physical therapy work this next week so should be easier to concentrate on the computer for a little bit to post past events and projects.  

     Hugs and love and cheers! Karen


Karen C. said...

My Grandmother used to make something she called "Wedding Kuchen" that used baking ammonia! Until now, I had never heard of another recipe using it! Wow! Thank you for bringing back that memory of my Grandmother and my wedding (of course)!

Judy Reynolds said...

Yum! My good friend from high school and I used to get together and bake sugar cookies -- then spend the night yapping and eating them. Nice memories from LONG ago.