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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nees' Bees

     Took a "wee" rest stop in Cooper Landing on my way home from Anchorage this afternoon and visited with Christa and David Nees... they showed me their beautiful gardens and the work they are doing around the house. I would be snapping photos most of the time if I were there! Took just a few of the vegetable green house/garden and then some of bees with my Sony "point and shoot" today. 
     Thanks for the lovely respite from the heavy traffic, Chris. Anytime you want to do a photo shoot, I can be there in an hour! Smiles!


Unknown said...

These photos are wonderful Karen!!!!! The bees love these onion and pincushion flower heads. They are working extra hard this year with our cold summer days.
You can come take pictures anytime you like!!! Loved your visit dear friend!!!
Chris :o)

suziqu's thread works said...

Magic happens when you point and shoot with that Sony in your hands!
What more can I say but STUNNING!
AND oOh that bee is for real!
Big hugs,