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Friday, March 1, 2013

2013 Palm Springs

     This post has 35 photos (of 363 taken)...smiles. I feel pretty good about the cut for now! [No wonder I haven't posted my October trip yet - I took over 800 shots then; but, with patience, I will post the best eventually.] Thanks for enjoying this trip with me.

[A little reminder - please click on the photos for a detailed view.]

Trip to Whitewater Preserve for Picnic

Around Town - Activities
Creative day with Sox (we met at a Medford workshop over two years ago), 
fun at Art Under the Umbrella and Ewe 'n Me;
Thrift store shopping with Nadine's friends with lunch on El Paseo Drive; 
Bocci Tournament at Hidden Springs Country Club;
and, fish tacos with Annie at Rubios...
(no pics of Mexican Train, awards dinner and dancing, 
Alaska String Band, movie day, water aerobics,
hot tub, cards and table games, dinner invites, etc... lots to do!

beautiful friend, Sox, with me and Nadine

forgot to mention - I knitted when watching TV or Nadine played poker...
this cowl and a baby snuggle sack and cap.

Bocce Ball Tournament 

Joshua Tree National Park

son Jason and Lynette drove over from Lake Havasu.

Andreas Canyon (Indian Canyons)

Palm Canyon (Indian Canyons)

Thank you one and all for such a lovely trip - especially Nadine and Owen for a place to stay, Darla and Bob for the gift bonus of the air miles to travel, my dear friend Sox for her love and support, Jason and Lynette for driving over;
my daughers Alicia and Daedra for rides to/from both airports; and,
all of Nadine and Owen's longtime friends. 


suziqu's thread works said...

Absolutely wonderful photos Karen!
Great photography and seeing you having so much fun with your sister, family and Sox!
Never seen palms so tall!
Sending hugs,

Acorn to Oak said...

Looks like you had a nice trip. :-)

teri said...

What a happy group and lovely smiles.

Terri said...

Lovely trip Karen,
wow, you must have gotten some good sun and fresh air out there. I have been to Palm Springs before, but I think only once.
I am so glad it was a great trip for you. Your photos are really beautiful.

yaya said...

Karen, these are beautiful. Your trip looks like a real winner in my book! All that sun and scenery. It just amazes me that our wonderful country has so many diverse places that can take your breath away. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos Karen, it looks like you had a great trip. I wish I could have gone on a hike with you!!!!
Chris :o)

Ariadne said...

Great photos I so enjoyed your trip!AriadnefromGreece!

Debbie said...

Beautiful photos Karen! Looks like you had a great holiday.

Socrates said...

I wish your trip had been longer and you could have come back to play in my studio. We had fun!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered these pictures that you took. I was born in Palm Springs and I am familiar with some of your sights. It looks like you had good weather...