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Monday, March 25, 2013

Anchorage Respite

Saturday, 1045am
departed Soldotna with youngest daughter, Dae

Organic Oasis, 2pm
son Jason, daughter Alicia and her son, Devin, Dae

Diamond Mall, 5pm
scheduled haircuts for Devin and Alicia

we girls arrived en-force about 830pm
Alaska Sundance Bed and Breakfast

Cream Sherry was such a nice treat

Jetted Tub looked heavenly; however,
we enjoyed the outdoor hot tub at midnight - sooo relaxing!

And, were spoiled with this enclosed 
steam shower in the morning. Oh, my!

Healthy Delicious Breakfast
kale (from their garden) and egg whites
coconut butter on toast
fruit selection and turkey pattie with apple juice

Pauline suggested we visit Fromagios
before leaving town, so for supper
Sunday evening after driving the snowing highway
I had a delicious snack:
"lambchopper" (sheep's milk cheese) and oat crackers

Visit AK Sundance Retreat at:

Pauline and Jim are fabulous hosts and live
in a quiet beautiful end-of-the road setting. 
We had an fabulous stay and enjoyed visiting with them.

Thank you, Family, for making my weekend special.


Socrates said...

What a fantabulous weekend. That B&B looks fantastic. A steam shower??? Oh my!!! And only YOU would choose an outdoor hot tub over the indoor one. What was it? 10F ??? :-))

yaya said...

The beauty of family is one thing and the beauty of your surroundings was other! What a great place! I love the shot of the eagle and all your food choices looked yummy. I would have gone for the hot tub at midnight too!

LisaS said...

Sounds wonderful! Would love to take a vacation trip to Alaska sometime ;)

Alaskandae said...

The pics turned out great! We had such a great time! Loves to you all! :)

teri said...

ooooh lala! I love steam showers and jacuzzis! Looks like a wonderful family time!

Tanya said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL time was had...I just got back from a jaunt back home, myself, and am catching up on reading. Happy Easter, Karen - Tanya

Holly said...

Looks like an absolutely amazing getaway! How very special :)

Judy Reynolds said...

Wow, that is quite a place and looks like they know how to offer the best of experiences! How did you find them? How many can they accommodate? What fun!