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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Quick ANC Trip

     Left Kenai at 9am in order to get to Anchorage to meet family for lunch and a hair trim at 1:30pm. Active blizzard warning for the Peninsula area including Cooper Landing. All was good driving except the mountains and pass which had torrential downpours and standing water. Of course, there are those "crazies" still out snowmachining at the summit.
     Made Anchorage in good time, however; picked up Devin and met with Jason/Lynette at Pho Jula Thai Cusine not too far from their homes. Had a great visit and delicious curry lunch special.

     After the short hair trim appointment went to Alicia/CJs and just "vegged" for the afternoon; didn't even notice that a storm was brewing and snow had arrived. Alicia came home about 630pm - we went to Asian Gardens for pineapple chicken and home to rest. 
     The photos below pretty much show the snow dump... and, my need for assistance before picking up Judy at Charlie/Poli's for a special breakfast visit and then an enjoyable few hours with her families.
     Left Anchorage at 250pm-ish. Roads were ridged from snow packing until the flats before Girdwood and all was clear for the rest of the drive home; arriving home about 530, with no snow evidenced.
     What a great weekend, making memories with a special friend and a chance to "catch up" with my own family.
     Judy and I used to watch a movie or visit at 530 in the morning after she took her husband to head to the "slope" to work on Saturdays in the 1990s. Judy would head home when everyone else was waking up! We had good times sewing and letting our tea get cold, taking the kids on outtings when they were still home, and sharing stories when we worked together.
     Have a safe trip home after your visit in Fairbanks, Judy... hugs until the next "in-person" visit!

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suziqu's thread works said...

Great to see you back home again Karen after your weekend away catching up with your kids and then, of course, you trip south visiting your sister and our wonderful Lacebook group girls.
Excellent photos and great to see Sox and Liz again!
Hope you are feeling as good as you are looking. Love that photo below without glasses - so beautiful!
Sending big warm hugs - looks like they are still needed where you live in that snowy town!