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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bowl Hotpad Protector

     Three weeks ago I met Sandy who was giving a "bowl hotpad protector" to my friend Barb as a late Christmas gift. Sandy told us about a youtube video which gives excellent directions. So, I thought I would provide one link below for your perusal.

     The hotpad is to protect one's hands from a hot bowl after microwaving. In fact Sandy has made the 10", 12" and 15" sizes, if I recall correctly, and given them as sets in varying combinations. Since I don't use a microwave I still wanted to give the project a try to protect my hands from a hot bowl of soup, beans or stew.

     I am pleased at how my first 10" protector has turned out - you can see the photos with "one" reversible holder and two different bowls that I have in my cupboard.

If you make one, I hope you will like it as much. Enjoy!


Debbie said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for sharing. This is a great idea. I'm definitely going to try this.

Vicki Boster said...

What a great idea!! Now why didn't I think of that-- I'm always trying to nestle it in a towel or sit it in a bigger bowl!! These would make such great gifts!


Judy Reynolds said...

Had to try this one, Karen, as you knew I would! Was fun to make and even better to use. Works perfectly and definitely makes hoisting those hot bowls in and out of the microwave easier and safer. Thanks for passing on a great idea! Definitely agree that this will is a great idea for a gift.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Hi Karen! I love all the good things here - "Amy @ fashiontoppings" is one of my favorites... (I sat and watched the entire video here -gotta try these.) Thanks for the link.

I saw your were following my blog and hope you know that I'm not actually doing any blog challenges or parties, at the moment. I wouldn't want to mislead anyone. But I just love your blog... so I'm going to follow anyway!

Thank you for visiting me today and "joining my journey!"

Quinn said...

what a great idea! I'm watching the video right....NOW!

DMS said...

What a fun idea! I always like to learn new things and this one is great. :) Thanks for sharing!