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Monday, June 13, 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

     While having a lazy Sunday afternoon since the weather outside was rainy and windy, I decided to make cards from leftover photographs. Inspiration came from Catherine Anderson, who sent me a beautiful little card with a lovely candle photograph and an angel statue (photo) inside - a greeting to comfort me when Mom died. Today's cards were fun to reproduce in the same style. Catherine recently published the book that I mention in my sidebar; and, I am already finding that I am sending off photographs to FM (Fred Meyer) more often than I used to.  It is so quick and easy "on-line." With the advent of the digital camera, my photos for so long would simply remain on the computer. The book highlights a multitude of wonderful projects, a few I knew about and have done; but, I clearly appear to be more motivated because the photo use suggestions are all in one place with concise directions easily rendered. PSE hints are with each project, also. The book is beautifully written and Catherine's philosophy on photo taking and her compassion for encouraging others shows through. I am tempted to put tabs on various pages and make it a workbook! It will be well used.

Little "Shrine-like" Cards

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