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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Little Art Projects

     Just a couple of uploads to show two little projects done recently. The cloth bags with transfer images, felt, and cut out material were done for Nadine's Bliss Chicks group of six.  For that, also, I included a little bit of free-motion sewing on leftover photographs (discarded from a photojournal project) and cut out sunflowers, incorporating written transfers from canvas. It was fun to share some of my previous photojournal items, as shown in the grouping.  
     The other project was to make five little booklets for me, Jaci, and the three grandchildren (Devin, Dareena, and Milena), giving them photos from our trip to the Anchorage Zoo and visit with Alicia (en troupe) over the Memorial Day Weekend. Figured it might be a good idea to put clear mylar for protection as front and back "see through" covers. I included a title page listing what was to follow on the inside of the first page. Did the binding with a little "Zutter" machine instead of the Rubicoil. It worked very well. A bit time consuming, but fun, nonetheless.

The Bliss Chick Project

Anchorage Zoo Project

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