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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PM1 Week1

     Whew... done with my on-line classes for the night and heading to watch "Voice" that I recorded on my DVR. Completed the first and third projects of Week 1 for Photo Magic. Two to go.

[remember for a larger view, you can click on the photos then click the back button to return]

Week 1, Project 3
selected flower from my original photo, enhanced image,
made a black background with various strokes

Week 1, Project 1
original was from Anchorage cemetery
straightened statue, enhanced image, masked

Usefulness of Techniques Learned in Retouching and Cleaning Up Photos
in reviewing would have done a little more
with the trees/sky above Milena's head...


Lost Aussie said...

One busy student I can tell.
The images are lovely Karen. Fabulous work!

Joanne Huffman said...

Beautifully done. It's good to "see" you in class again.

Anonymous said...

Karen, your doing some great work! Jewelry is my first passion but photography is a close second.


P.S. I found your website through "Boho Bliss and thought I would stop by for a visit."