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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stained Glass Evening 1

     My friend Jaci organized a two evening session with Sandy Stevens, Alaska Custom Stained Glass, to do a piece of our own "stained glass". Oh, my! We picked the same "beginning" lesson. Jaci chose a red theme to go with her home decor; I decided on green and a hint of purple, along with our other textured glasses.  Day one involved setup, cutting, and grinding/sanding. Day two will be the soldering. Should be interesting and fun. It is always exciting to try a different medium once in a while just to know and learn about that particular art form -- there is so much more involved in the making of any art and seeing how it comes to fruition. Below is a photo of one of Sandy's creations, taken in her studio; and, mine and Jaci's efforts, with the help of the instructor. 

Jaci's Beginning Stained Glass, Day 1

Karen's Beginning Stained Glass, Day 1

Jaci and Sandy, Cutting Glass

Sandy's Beautiful Salmon
(be sure to click on this photo; the larger size is amazing)

1 comment:

Mosaic Magpie said...

I enjoy doing stained glass too! Still have my first learning project hanging in my sewing room.