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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Florida Friend Joy

     Tuesday afternoon received a call from Joy Dibble; she and her husband John are traveling from Florida for six months... and, enjoying Alaska sight seeing right now. Joy and I met in the online class Towers and Turrets. The focal for my heart strings in the post before last was her exchange for some items she needed for the class. That evening we were able to get together and took a three mile walk. Yesterday (Wednesday) we shared a halibut sandwich from the local Kenai Burger Bus and took photos from the Old Town lookout. Here we are! Thanks for the lovely visit and safe travels back home. Love and hugs... 

Karen and Joy Dibble
with Cook Inlet and Mt Redoubt in the background.


Jeanne said...

What fun Karen to get to gether with a blogging friend.

teri said...

Isn't it incredible to think about the friends we've made through the internet?