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Friday, July 6, 2012

Blog Changes Overdue

     I will be making a few changes here at my blog. Making a lighter background so it will be easier for some to read. I already changed the URL to "www.karendorcas.com" because "alaskabluemoose.com" has been taken by an Alaska search engine of some sort and I have been getting "spam" more often, but a redirect of my blog should be in place and hopefully won't disturb the function of it. 
     Meanwhile, I lost my "links" to favorite blogs and am putting those back in place - please excuse if your link is not running yet. Not sure if there can be changes to the name or not, but I am getting help in that area in a couple of weeks. LOL - of course, I couldn't wait and am now probably making a mess of it! Will keep communicating though. 
     Hugs to all my faithful friends and family. Karen

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the changes :).
Stay inspired!