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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Flowering Tea and "Beauty"

     Taking a break from sorting storage boxes... recalling my trip to China where I purchased flowering teas. This one is light and soothing!

     A wonderful short poem by Tom Jay from his book "The Blossoms are Ghosts at the Wedding, Selected Poems and Essays." Heard him read and talk about his poetry at Fisher Poets Gathering 2011 in Astoria, Oregon. His turn of phrase delights me and I enjoy his work.


Beauty is the world's gift
passed on in honest witness.

Cleverness may catch it
but stills its soul in clutching.

We stand on the edge
of a grave that wants a garden,
waiting for heart's old drum
to find a song.

There is no art
for art's sake.

The blossoms are ghosts
at the wedding.


polkadotpeticoat said...

I posted about tea today too ....I'll have to try yours...
we must have been in Coopers around the same time....must get together!

Anonymous said...

oh... the tea looks wonderful. I've never heard of such a thing like flowering tea! It sounds so good!