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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


     My wonderful artist friend visits from Portland and what do I ask for - her "made from scratch" biscuits! What a treat last Friday to receive a "hands on" lesson. 
     Afterward we opened the back door to her friend's deck and watched the Stellar Bluejays - huge birds feasting on whole peanuts in the shell. Roxanne was cuddling up to stay warm... a wonderful breakfast with a stimulating visit about our artistic walks.


Biscuits (such comfort food)

Stellar Bluejays


Vicki Boster said...

Karen --
Seriously - how lucky are you to have a friend come to visit -- and to make you home made biscuits!!

Send her my way!!


Sherrie {Bird Lady} said...

Stellar Jays are so pretty, but such bossy personalities! They love to take off with whole peanuts like you've captured here. I've got photos of them doing that too! Stealing from the squirrel feeder.