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Friday, September 21, 2012

Cooper Landing Shoot

     Afternoon photo shoot to Cooper Landing; perhaps the last chance to see the fall colors, depending on the weather conditions the next few days. Prediction is for more rain Saturday and Sunday with the Kenai River cresting and flood warnings all around.
Please click on photos for a more detailed view. Thanks.

Fields of Gold, Sterling

Peterson Lake
Kelly Lake, Seven Lakes Trail Trailhead,
Roxanne and her "Charges"

Cooper Landing and Russian River Confluence
Cresting Waters, Potential Flooding

Summer's End


suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Dear Karen
Hope all is going well in your world!
Thank you for sharing these fantastic photos of Cooper Landing and others - so great to see some of the country around you at Autumn's ending.
Sending love and hugs,

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! We certainly need this rain to stop!! Stay warm and dry!

Nadine Wong said...

The photo's are great - fabulous. And such stunning material to shoot.

Miriam said...

Hello Karen, thank you for sharing these beautiful images of your part of the world. The colours are stunning and what a treat to see on a cold wet Sunday morning in my part of the UK

Lost Aussie said...

Spectacular photos Karen!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen... I just checked out your blog.
Very impressive.
so long, linn
p.s. great picture of Roxanne and charges.

Vicki Boster said...

Karen - Your pictures are stunning --- have you ever considered making them into a large photo book for yourself. These are definately worth of a beautiful "coffee table" book!